Amazon Boredom

I retired in the Amazon jungle.
Not much to do in paradise and on a whim, I bought a 40 yr old broken guitar from a passer through.

Took me 3 months to fix it and 3 yrs to learn to play.

Just a great way to pass the time and my main youtube teacher has been Justin.

I do seem to have a weird quirk, I cant copy songs properly. I always seem to change things and often I change words as well. I tell people its like my right hand is disobeying!

But it always sounds good to me anyway, even though I manage to destroy the original thing.

Words are getting better, but I’m still not happy with that so here are just a few no name samples… you might hear what they supposed to be, but my right hand just goes off at a tangent!

Sample 1

Sample 2

No professional recording kit, I just recorded with a cell phone mic & its an old tinny box guitar, but its amazing company in the isolated jungles of South America!

Thank You Justin & YouTube!

Thought I’d just let Justin know what he actually does for people… picking up a guitar in my later years, one of the best things I’ve ever done!


That was really good Bob. Great dynamics and a very enjoyable raw vibe to your two performances.

I can pretty confidently say we’ve never had a contribution from the Amazon jungle before. Some video from your cell phone would be icing on the cake. Normally we get peoples’ bedrooms/lounges and the occasional porch or garden as a backdrop. A jungle scene would be quite something. :smiley:
Well done.

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Nice groove, in both clips!

Didn’t recognize the first one, but second one Is Sweet Child of Mine, right?

Sound quality is pretty good…it’s surprising what a mobile phone can do these days.

Note to Apple users: These clips did not play on my iPad until I downloaded them (icon on upper right of Google Drive page). I usually have that problem with Google Drive.

Ya, that was good. I liked it.

Welcome to the Community, Bob.

I’d like to say that your right-hand is creative and channels your inner voice. Make the music your own without apology.

Enjoyed both clips, both had a really engaging vibe and feel.

Did you make the recordings with an audio recorder app on the phone? If so and assuming your phone has the capability, I suggest try the video recorder built-in to the camera app. In my own experience I’ve found that produces a better audio quality than the audio-only recorders.

People generally post up an intro covering some personal background, guitar history, and goals as a student of Justin and member of the Community in Introduce yourself .... That can be as long or short as you like, but we love to get to know each other here.

Look forward to more Music from the Amazon, I’ll take over :grin:

Hi Bob,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
You have already developed some fine techniques in that relatively short time :sunglasses: :clap: … and how great it would be if we could see that :smiley: in addition to hearing

Welcome to the Community, Bob :grinning:
Round these parts Amazon boredom is synonymous with imminent unnecessary gear purchase :rofl:
Nice musical introduction, although I would have thought GnR’s Welcome to the Jungle might have been more appropriate… :wink:

Well that was fun! Give us more, Bob! Also would love to see you play. I can envision you giving it your all. I agree with @DavidP if you will introduce yourself on that link. We would enjoy getting to know the man from the original Amazon jungle.

Hello Bob and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting as well. That was really cool and I thoroughly enjoyed your playing and it’s nice to hear that you make songs your own. If it sounds good, it is good.