Ambient Night Loop

So there I was going through the pedal drawer when I came across my ditto looper. Hey, it had been a while since we did anything together my friend (and very first pedal). What the heck was I thumping on last time we joined forces? Let’s plug in and play and see what comes of it:

EDIT: Hope I got in a few good lines.


Some sweet lines, an ethereal tone, laid so far back you laying down.

There’s that old teleport me magic again, Clint.

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Having been on my acoustic bender of late, it felt good to move some air with the tube amp and crunch some switches on the pedal board. With the new forum I can post a picture of the pedal board for gits and shiggles. Good times!

Ditto → American Sound → into the FX Loop
Guitar → Tuner → Rat → Tremolo → Reverb in the front of the amp

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Hi Clint, hitting the mellow highway with this one … lines indeed. :sunglasses:

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Sounded good Clint. I have that American Joyo pedal. A very nice amp in a box.

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Very nice Clint, the tone is absolutely spot on and is hitting me where it supposed to! Really cool lines and vibe, I would give you vibes but on here I was only able to send you a :heart: :grin:

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Thanks @Richard_close2u! I’m not sure what my original thought was when I laid down that loop all those months ago, but this seemed like the right direction to take with it.

Thanks @Rossco01! I can get some decent Fender tweed tones with the American Sound going into my PA. It gets a little noisy if you try to push the knobs too high though, but by and large it’s a great amp in a pedal (nice price as well). I like it also in the FX loop if I’m running anything else in there.

Thanks @adi_mrok, I’ll take a heart and a smile any day. I appreciate the comment. :slight_smile:

I caught this on the tube this morning, Clint and just gave it another whirl.
Absolutely loving the tone and the feels you’re getting on that lead.
Are ‘likes’ the new vibes? They seem a bit cheaper…
Rock on Dude :sunglasses:

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I had a similar thought, Brian.

It would be fun to have a few more emojis that could be used to respond to a post without having to type a reply. I think Lieven mentioned this as a possibility in one of the feedback/question topics.

Thanks @brianlarsen! I admit to having some fun with this one after such a long acoustic stretch. Somewhat of a departure using reverb for space and no delay at all. Great to get back in the room and move some air.

Four views! Still ramping up over here. Yikes, I’m going over to the old house for a little bit. Just to… um, see what’s happening over there. Bye :wave: :waffle: :walking_man:

Now it would be great to have a :rofl: icon to click on the post in addition to :white_heart:


Very nice Clint, some sweet tones. Love the video back drop, very cool.

I was pleased I did not get the sync issues I get on the Forum. Not sure if its my browser settings but find most AOVYP vids go out of kilter on sound and vision after a few seconds. So I hit the Watch on YouTube button. Glad I won’t have to suffer that anymore. :sunglasses:

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You want more things to click on? You are going to be much happier here than on the old forum. :slight_smile:

And again it would be great to be able to just add an emoji response to that, rather than adding a another post that doesn’t do any more than share a response to your post.

Part of the rationale for the minimum character limit on a post is to eliminate a string of posts that are just a response without adding to the conversation or should I say the discourse (Discourse being intentionally designed to enable discourse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

So ideally all I should add is a :laughing: emoji on your post.

MS Teams chat works like this, although the available set of emojis is limited. Would be better if Teams allowed you to add any emoji from the set you can use to embellish a Chat Message. Zoom doesn’t have that feature at all, which I think is a limitation they should address to improve Zoom chat functionality.

@LievenDV I think this topic was already raised in one of the feedback topics (forgive me for not trawling that Category to confirm

Thanks TJ! I appreciate the comment. Always good to have all the elements come together in a somewhat cohesive manner. Right now my lighting game is fairly limited, but might be something to look at for the future. :slight_smile: :flashlight: :bulb:

Some proper lights, plus a green screen. That could open up some creative possibilities.

I could do with a suitable way to mount and position my mobile phone, which delivers a better quality video than my webcam. But for me the video is a make-do, best effort thing … enough of a challenge putting my best foot forward in the playing and singing :crazy_face:

Here’s my simple solution for holding my iPhone. It’s a credit card holder that fits in a wallet:

With the Shure MV88 mic, it’s a very easy, fast and portable rig.

EDIT: The mic swivels to face forward for acoustic or backward toward an amp.