Ambient soundscape practice?

This sort of thing is pretty good when done right (i.e. managing to be interesting while remaining in the background).

Of the more distorted variety, I recommend Neil Young’s soundtrack album for Dead Man.

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@roger_holland , thanks for the call out! I do like to play ambient music.

This is my opinion so take it for what it’s worth: Improvising over a drone backing track is the gateway drug to playing ambient music. Like all genres it can be a rabbit hole, so feel free to explore to your heart’s content. If that’s what you want to persue --be sure to check out Chords Of Orion, he is the OG Youtuber for that genre.

Ambient tracks are a lot of fun to play. Give it a go. :slight_smile:

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Oooh - just listened to her playing at the end of that video. Wow - it’s lovely. Makes me think of the sea. I really enjoy ambient soundscapes but had not yet come across Cici Bass. Will be following her for sure.


@ JasonBuk We share an ambition to play ambient soundscapes.

Right now I’m a returning beginner guitar player that was previously stuck on open chords/camp fire songs years and years ago. Everything is so rusty, I’ve had to start from the beginning of grade 1.

A break through has been using a looper for the first time. It’s really shaken up how I consider playing, even with quite modest skill as it’s forcing me to address rhythm and consider layering and spacing. It feels like these will be a good foundations in the future. So though I’m not playing ambient music (yet!) the looper is a regular feature of my practice to build up this way of feeling the music.

For now though there is quite a gap between my ability and ambition. That’s half the fun though - to have things that motivate us. So, whilst I can’t share tips on how to play here are some accounts that may appeal to you too -

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This guy from Pedal Zone does such great reviews - his enthusiasm is infectious. And it’s really helpful how he breaks down what different pedals offer. (For me) it can be a steep learning curve understanding the range of capabilities otherwise.

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I’m having a blast with this ambient stuff.

Oh yeah. Looper is so important

What is the first layer you put down? Drones, chords, melody?

I’ve not (yet) tried to do ambient soundscapes as I’m still getting used to using the looper on it’s own. For now putting chords down first, then picking out notes over the top. In time, I’d like to learn how to use reverb, delay and a whammy pedal. It will be interesting to hear how you get on.

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I just started with this. It’s really really good so far

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Thank you for sharing this. Though he’s the OG for ambient music on YouTube for some reason his sound has not landed so well for me, so I’d not been following his channel closely. Have found that I really like his teaching style though. Plus, his approach is very different to the one I’d considered taking so it’s good to be challenged. For now I’m trying to hold off buying any new kit - let’s see how long that lasts!