Amp settings on a Fender Mustang LT25 modeling amp?

I have a Fender Mustang LT25 Amp. With the Fender software I can model a variety of Amp types and effect pedal combinations.

My question, where should the gain, volume and bass/treble knobs on the physical Amp be set? 12 o’clock? In the software you can set all of these for each different Amp model. So I’d think you wouldn’t crank it up on the actual Amp as well if you’re manipulating it in the software.


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I had an LT25 (now have a Fender Mustang GTX50).

The gain/tone knobs are all software virtual knobs. So it doesn’t matter where you twist them, the actual knob positions are located within the presets.

If you mean where they should be set in the presets - it really depends on the exact guitar you’re using and sound you’re going for. Tweak them around and see what you like.

The LT25 doesn’t have good cab simulation with the headphone output, so I found that settings sounded quite different through the speaker vs through headphones, so that’s another variable.

Thanks…If I set the Gain at on the amp at 75% and then I go in the preset and crank the gain another 75% I’d assume both would have an effect.

So may be a better question is: if I’m going to experiment with amp sims and pedal combos in the Fender Tone software, is it better to leave the knobs on the amp itself in one spot and tweak via the software? That way everything is compared off a common base.

No, they don’t. It’s the same thing. As soon as you move the hardware knob it overrides what you have in the preset.

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Cool, appreciate the feedback