An amp that checks all the boxes?

The reason for me to get a new solid state amp would be for hardware features that I don’t have on my Mustang. Things I care about:

  • A line out to an external speaker cab. Seems like a simple thing.
  • An FX loop. Another simple thing, but Katana makes you buy a 100W amp to get one. I don’t want a 100W amp.
  • An XLR line out. Another simple thing that The K50 doesn’t have.
  • A better pedal platform.

That’s just for starters. The Catalyst is too new, these kind of amps seem to have glitches on the first iteration.

EDIT: I failed to mention attenuation. Very important.


It’s a great amp, you just can’t go wrong with one next best thing to a tube amp!

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Here’s a useful link to options, most are not inexpensive!

Spot on Keith :smiley:
As I said, I’m glad I bought the THR for precisely those reasons-
I just don’t think I would have ‘treated myself’ to it, if I had known what I’d be able to squeeze out of the Vypyr. It is indeed a very user-unfriendly interface. However, like most tech, the more familiar you become with it, the less of an issue it becomes. I see this as having an unexpected extra bit of kit :smiley:
While I have the attention of my ‘virtual tecchie’, I’m wondering if I wanted to go completely wireless, do you know if I could use Bluetooth headphones with my THR, Bluetooth footswitch and wireless guitar transmitter simultaneously?

I had a quick look at some of this. I like this guy! I’ve seen one or two of his reviews before and dig his style. My eyebrows did ascend, when he casually let drop: "…Prestige Ibanez, RG yadda yadda, middle of the road, only fourteen hundred bucks:roll_eyes:
Puts my sub 300 new fab HB Fusion in its place :laughing: (just kidding)

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Not really, he’s a big fan of HB guitars particularly the Fusion III, this shows that he is unbiased, look at his “2 cents” at the end, it’s quite amusing! Finally a Hardtail! Harley Benton Fusion III Review - YouTube

Did you even consider the newer Mustang GTX50? Just curious as I recently added one to compliment my Marshall Code 50.

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He really doesn’t like pink sparkle, does he? :joy:

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I wonder why :joy::joy::joy:, I’m sure that some of our female players would like it!

Good call out! Yeah, that one REALLY checks all the boxes for me. Taking a closer look. Thanks for the comment!

EDIT: I don’t see any attenuation settings. Bummer.

Frankly, it looks much better than the Katalyst.

bear in mind,just like all of the Mustangs, it will require some “menu diving” even to get some of the more basic settings. If you are fine with that, and that wasn’t the features that attracted you to the Katalyst, then the GTX50 looks like a better upgrade for you IMO.

As ever, if you can, I would personally suggest going to a music shop if you can and trying some out in the flesh.



I already have a Katana MK II 50, and from watching the Catalyst demos I’m glad I did. It’s so much more intuitive to use for my brain at least. Yes I maybe should’ve gone for the 100 to be able to use a pedalboard and have the option to use a looper pedal, but it serves me well.

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Thanks for the reponse

A simple thing it may be, but the Katalyst doesn’t have this. Actually, I can’t think of a combo amp in this class that does have this; the Katana and Mustang ranges don’t have it either.

Yes, that’s one of the annoying things about the Katana range.

The 100W is, of course, pretty irrelevant as you have an attenuator (and 100W isn’t actually that much louder than 50W).

It’s having to stump up the extra (at UK prices) £100 to get it when it should really be on the K50.

It depends on your use case: if you are performing on large stages or professional studios, and running long cables into a mixer/PA then XLR is important. For most home use, or even rehearsal studio use it really isn’t.

I think if there is a relevant point here it is that, on the Katana, you need to get the 100W version to get the line out capability.

Better than what you have, I assume you mean. The Katana is renowned for being a great pedal platform.

I would agree with that. It’s always best to see how happy people are with these amps after 6 months or more when the hype and excitement has dampened, and experience has had a chance to inform people’s views.



Wireless transmitter and Bluetooth footswitch together? Yes, I believe you can.

I don’t think the THR (or any other amp I know with Bluetooth) supports Bluetooth headphones at all.

Bluetooth audio streaming is notorious from suffering from latency which is why, if you’ve followed any of the discussions around Ringing Simulators (Abel, etc.) then they always warn you to not use Bluetooth wireless headphones.

Note that latency generally is not an issue for streaming audio to the amp, as you don’t really notice or care that it takes (say) 1/5th second from tapping the play button to the music actually starting. But it’s a big issue for playing along with instruments.

Note that one of the most important complaints players have about digital modelling systems is their latency, and this includes systems where the latency is under 20ms. Bluetooth audio can be from 100-300 ms.

There are some newer Bluetooth standards (aptX LL) which reduce the latency to around 34ms, but this is probably still a bit too high for headphone use with a guitar.

If you want to go completely wireless and are feeling flush, then there’s always the Waza Air, with an Airstep pedal or the EV-1-WL.




Cheers, Keith. Yes I have that up and running well :smiley:
Now that I think about it, I have no idea why I thought blutooth headphones would work
I suppose I just thought: oh, you can replace any cable with good ol’ blue teeth these days… :roll_eyes:

I have the Katana 100 head mkii

It has a speaker line out.

It has 0.5 W, 50W and 100W settings

It does not appear to have an attenuator (the power settings don’t work this way)

I don’t think it has xlr out. Not home can’t look.

It does have a small speaker in it that is more than adequate for the living room.

The non-head version just has a built in larger speaker cabinet.

It has fx loop

No Bluetooth, but wired input

Easy to use with Android or PC, some Mac driver issues.

There is another option, do you really want another Amp?
This has all of the facilities that you want really, and it’s much smaller and lighter! Mooer GE250 | Unboxing, First Impressions and dialing in my first tone - YouTube

TBF that’s not a bad shout. If you already have an amp with either an FX loop or, preferably, a power-amp input (a “simple thing”, but most amps don’t have this) then you can plug in just about any external platform, multifx/modelling or otherwise.

Apparently, plugging a multifx like the Line 6 Helix Stomp or Boss GT1000 into the power-amp input on a Katana 100 gives great results. Similarly, “pedal board amp” setups like the Atomic Ampli-Firebox or the Boss IR-200 work great in a similar configuration.

I see no reason why the GE250 or other similar multifx system wouldn’t work great into the FX Return of an existing amp.



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That was my thinking, my Hotone mojo diamond has an fx loop which would work well with a multi fx, I have looked at running my BEAM through it, not tried it yet!

Thats pretty much what I can do with my Line 6 PodGo (effectively budget Helix) and do occasionally into my K100…it sounds great BUT to be honest the tones out of the PodGo are so good it’s just easier to plug it straight into the board when playing live…no messing about carrying amps.