An amp that checks all the boxes?

I’ve got my eye on this new amp:

Bad link, goes to a Bass for me!

What’s attracting you to a new amp, Clint, and this one specifically?

I’ve nothing I can say about the amp itself.

Odd, I reached the amp?

It’s a link for pre-orders, which might be a US specific link. Search for “line 6 catalyst 60.”

This one probably works for Europe >> Line6 Catalyst 60 – Thomann UK . Assuming it’s the same one Clint

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I will not justify any potential guitar related purchase to anyone - nor will I chalk up any purchase (past or present) to GAS. All of my purchases have been high value, well thought out and needful. WINK-LOL-COUGH

I only have two amps and a PA system! Git along now!

The Mustang is a bit of a bare bones practice amp, and is getting a little long in the tooth. It lacks an FX loop, attenuation, etc. This would essentially replace the Mustang. The Katana 50 and others of like and kind, lack a number of the features of this amp.

Thanks! Dats da one!

Haha, Clint is stirring the pot again :laughing:
I would have thought it borders on blasphemy to suggest an alternative to the Boss Katana! Surely the only valid question is the 50 or 100?
Seriously, if it gets you back out jamming in the garden, you have my full support :smiley:
Go for it!
(I’m sticking to my teeney desktops)

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Key difference - compared to the K100 - seems to be XLR out and 4 in/out interface. Looks to me like all 18 effects also accessible on the top (I’m guessing that given there isn’t a lot of detail on Thomann)…then again this is quite a bit cheaper than a K100…pretty much £100 difference.

This is the interesting bit from my perspective >> Line 6 brings HX effects to its new Catalyst amp series | MusicRadar

Looks like Line6 are using the Helix/PodGo techonology for modelling which imho is excellent.


Far be it for me to say “ah ha, makes sense”

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I’m interested in what features you think that are lacking on the Katana, which are on the Catalyst.

To me, the Catalyst looks a bit limited, even compared with the Mustang.

From what I understand you can only use one effect at a time, plus reverb. Where on the Katana mkII you can use 5 plus reverb, plus a separate Parametric EQ so you don’t burn an effect slot to do EQ like you do on some amps (cough Spark).



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The Katana boys will weigh in – in 3-2-1. :slight_smile:

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Dig it! That’s the kind of debate we want. :slight_smile:

Here’s a review(?) with more information on the Katalyst:



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Yeah, it’s the hot demo review of the moment right now. I haven’t started sifting through them yet. I’m sure this one will be thorough with over an hour of runtime.

Hmmm, all this talk of comparing modelling amps made me pull out the15W Peavy Vypyr amp I bought for £30 when I started. I never really understood how it worked, nor used it. Now that I know a bit more about the various fx, I don’t think I would have bought my Yamaha desk amp for the improved sound.
I’m glad I did for the portability and wireless functions, but most of all for the presets I can work with a footswitch, but I might wheel out the Vypyr every now and again :smiley:

IMO there’s a lot more to it than the sound you get from the amp. There’s convenience, there’s suitability for the occasion, and there’s personal mood which IMO, have a big impact.

I have a bunch of amps, pretty much all of which could be called “practice amps”, and only one of which would, realistically, be suitable for rehearsals or gigging without a PA (not that I do that).

I have my favourites, but I do tend to love them all for different reasons. Sometimes it’s because of the sound they give, sometimes it’s because they are “turn on and go” easy to use, sometimes it’s the portability, and sometimes it’s because I want to deep-dive and play.

A lot of the time it’s because it’s because they are in the room I happen to be in when I fancy picking up a guitar, although there’s some forethought involved in that too.

I’ve not played a Vypyr, but they have a great reputation, although the early modelling amps often had dreadful user interfaces. I think the great thing about the newer generation of these styles of amps, like the Katana and the THR series, is they have made the user interface much more like traditional amps.

I’m due to go travelling again (next week) and I wouldn’t consider taking my K100 with me: I will probably take my THR10ii though.

Line 6 seem to have realised, with the Spider Vi Katalyst, that having a simpler, more accessible user interface is important. Although it does seem they have gone too far the other direction and hobbled the capabilities.



I have my eye one this Crush 35RT – Orange Amps
I have a Blackstar ID Core 10 V3 modelling AMP and Bias FX 2 as well. I just want a decent amp that is a good base for pedals. From what I gather, this is probably one of the better solid states out there (the orange amp). I suppose it all depends on what you want to use it for as well as the tones you are after.