An Amplifier for both Acoustic and electric

I have never seen the need for a special acoustic guitar amp. My electric-acoustic guitars work fine with my solid state, tube amps, and PA system. Regardless of which guitar I plug into which ever amp, it just takes some EQ and dialing in a good tone.

I’ve used my Yamaha THR10II with an electro-acoustic guitar (a cheap Harley Benton Mini) and it’s pretty good.

Most amps designed for acoustic guitar will have EQ that is designed to sound good with piezo pickups, because that is, by far, the most common type of acoustic guitar pickup.

I’ve also, previously, used my Katana 100 mk1 with piezo pickups on an older acoustic guitar I had, and that was great too. Here’s a video demonstrating the Katana acoustic channel:

If you really want to tweak, the Katana has some specific FX types designed to shape piezo pickup, but you’ll need to use Boss Tone Studio for this:


Back to the THR series, note that the THR is, primarily, a practice amp, so it’s probably going to be of limited use for performing whilst the Katana is easily giggable. although the THR does allow you to add things like reverb and chorus effects. With a bit of reverb, my cheap HB acoustic sounds lush on the THR.

I’ve also used the THR with my bass.

I would say that the THR is good on bass (better through the speaker than the Spark) but is still a little underwhelming compared to a proper bass amp, as you lack that bass “thump”.

But for “bedroom volume” practice, it’s pretty good



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I know my Fender Champion 20 isn’t exactly a high-quality amp, but my Taylor sounds much more natural through my Fender Acoustasonic 40.

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Use both my Mustand III and my POD Go for my 3 acoustics that have pickups. All work fine but you need to dial in the tone you want and have the guitar level setting balance just right.
Very easy to push the gtr end gain just a tad too much for it to sound pants.

All a matter of dialling in, balance and personal taste.


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Hi Frank, the THR series is legendary.
This was a game changer back in 2011 (I had the THR 5, already a blast), a couple of years ago I upgraded to the THR 10 II as practice amp, and purchased a Positive Spark GO for the travel, light and still enough juice for practicing in hotels (with an Ultra Light Electric Traveller Guitar).