An appreciation -no spam from Justin

I wanted to mention something I really appreciate about Justin Guitar.

I have looked at and occasionally bought something from a number of guitar teaching sites. Most of them, once you touch anything, just deluge you with spam.

Spam, spam and more spam.

Spamity spam.

I really appreciate that I get nothing of the sort from Justin and his team. No hard sells, no “greatest tricks ever”, not even a request for a donation however well deserved.

I have bought many products from Justin Guitar, t-shirts, apps, lessons. I have donated for the value I get and because it is totally worth it. Not once have I been spammed, asked for anything, pressured with any hard sell. Awesome.

An approach very much like his teaching.

Thank you!


That’s a very good point. I never thought about that and to be honest not spamming makes me look forward to the next email from Justin Guitar rather than just deleting without reading.

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Very well said. Yeah, I look forward to Justin’s emails, they are not too often, stick to the subject, no big sales pitch. Great stuff

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Very true !

I feel a Monty Python moment coming on, best I just say “Well said, Joshua” and move right along

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No don’t go there, I now have spam song earworm.

Great point Josh