An interesting device for those having issues with not being able to stretch to the frets!

It’s a bit like a weapon of torture but maybe it might work, but I think it should have a disclaimer on it :rofl:

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I’ve seen those. It looks like an injury that needs a hand to act on!


Stretch is part of the problem. Training muscles to pull the fingers apart is the other. Any change to the body takes a great deal of time. This looks like a really bad idea.

I took me 3 months to play the opening of ‘The Jack’. Not because the chords or rhythm are hard, but only because the stretch was long for me. I worked on it daily. Slowly. I can play it now. I just needed to be patient enough for my hand to change to the demand I was slowly asking of it.


Oh my that hurts just looking at it lol!


Darrell is there a link to the best deals ? :rofl:

This should really be motorised and programable. Select your favourite solo and hit go/play.
That might make it worth the full whack of 13 squid. And free psych treatment for the picking hand as an added bonus.

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I wonder how you are supposed to actually use it. It isn’t like you could actually play guitar with it on. The picture of it over the fretboard is super funny. Maybe if you slept with it, and every few days cranked it further? Seems a little reminiscent of a medieval torture machine…


Excuse my French but…
what a load o’ crap :stuck_out_tongue:

Just play the guitar more, check the finger stretch exercise, do the work, have more patience, do more work, play more guitar :wink:


But It’s on sale :joy: :rofl:


It was a bit of a tongue in cheek joke but if you look at the position of the fingers it obviously wouldn’t be much use anyway!

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Items like this have been used for centuries. A quick search for “historical musician finger stretching machine” or something like that will produce lot’s of horrifying results.


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You just need fingers like this guy