An original song called "Potential Spam"

have a listen to a new song i am calling “Potential Spam”

Lyrics =

Potential Spam by Danny Bertges

Verse 1
Ring, ring who can it be? Ring, ring who’s calling me?
Potential spam’s calling my phone
Potential spam won’t leave me alone

Verse 2
Ringa-ling 10 times a day
Potential spam please go away
Potential spam how do you know who I am?
Can’t you see, I don’t give a damn?

The modern world’s depressing on me
Why can’t you let me be?
The modern world’s gnawing on me
Nah nah nah nah nah, gnawing on me

Verse 3
Potential spam wants my money
Don’t you know, no nothings for free?
Potential spam how do you know who I am?
Can’t you see, it’s all a scam?


Why can’t it be you (her) calling me?
Not these strange numbers I see
I can’t get my mother (lover) on the phone
All these strange numbers wont’ leave me alone …leave me alone
The modern world’ pressing on me
The modern world’s messing (fucking) with me
The modern world’s stressing me
The modern world’s gnawing on me

Nah nah nah nah nah…


I feel with you Daniel :smile:

On a serious note, I like the song, the melody, and the little embellishments, and I’m especially impressed with your singing. Lots of things to learn from you. Well done!


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thank you so much for listening
hope the modern world doesn’t press on you too much!

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Hello Dan, what a nice song you’ve created.
Interesting topic :thinking:.
I like the catchy rhythm, and the bass runs make the melody even more interesting :+1:.
Good vox, as well :clap::clap:.
Lots to like :smiley:. Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Thanks for listening Nicole
I had fun w this one
Hope our hectic modern world gives you some breaks. Take care


Love it Danny! I too am constantly hounded by the potential spam :laughing:

I am also a fan of the embellishments that you added in. I like that all your original songs have a slightly different flavor to them. I admire your songwriting skills!

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Thanks for the kind feedback

Best of luck to you finding moments without the moden world pressing on you



That was great!

One question though: Do you really get that much spam calls on your phone?

Thanks John for listening

That was an actual screen shot of my phone albeit over a few days. Gets so I’m reluctant to answer. This songs my counter to spam. Be well