An Update from Kinger -- I have recorded an EP of 5 songs

Hi Everyone,

Zack here, see this introductory thread for my JustinGuitar history:

My first EP is out in full! I had the songs professionally produced by Ben Greenberg in LA.
Have a listen. I hope they might connect with you and you enjoy the sounds/message.
The EP is titled ‘Irishtown Road’ named after the street I grew up on. For me, it represents the beginning of something (my new venture into music).
The title track reflects upon childhood innocence with the new perspective of adulthood. An appreciation for the carefree and stress-free nature of childhood. Or is hindsight colored rose?

Song themes include:
-the feeling of traveling to a new place and feeling unstoppable, like you’d be the better version of yourself. (New Life)
-cherishing the moment, even as it’s always slipping away. (Hold On)
-the realization that humankind does not know what they’re doing and we will continue to repeat mistakes. (Nobody’s Got It Figured Out)
-love and appreciation for a partner. telling them you love them every day (If You’re Gonna Love Someone)


Dead Zack,

I listened to all five songs and they are really great and to me its sound “in great quality” or how to say it. I finished my Grade 1 last week… is Justins teaching what make you play like this? If so its sooo inspiring to see/listen to this. :open_mouth:
I like all songs but Irishtown Road is my TOP pick. I really like that fingerstyle if thats fingerstyle, would be great to see how to play it. :slight_smile:

Set small goals and play a little every day! Follow along with Justin’s grades and practice practice practice. It’ll be hard, and it’ll be worth it. I left a lot more detail on my quoted post above.

Perhaps I can put some tabs together for Irishtown Road and get them on UltimateGuitar… I will update here when I do this… I may even upload a YouTube video with how to videos of my songs one day! Yes it is fingerstyle!

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Thank you, I am gonna follow Justin and hope I will be as good as you one day. :slight_smile: If you have time I will be really happy if you make any tab or tutorial. :slight_smile: