Analogical Tuner

My Analogical Tuner from ages ago is still working…I’m not using it, I’m using an App, but it’s a while I’m debating with myself and wondering whether an analogical tuner is more accurate than a digital one?
Anyone has the right answer? To me it should be because…ahh…just because I’m old fashioned minded :see_no_evil::joy_cat:


Have a look here Silvia.
Quality of Tuner on App?

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You can’t have enough tuners in the house :smiley:


I’ve never used tuning apps as I find clip-on tuners effective. Some time ago I was thinking about getting a pedal tuner, but I don’t think it would make much difference.

I’ve recently read about various musical tuning systems, and e.g. the octaves on pianos are not tuned 100% “correctly”, so if that’s good for professional musicians, a clip-on tuner cannot be much worse.

As for analog solutions, you could hardly get more analog than the good old tuning fork or a pitch pipe.

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I would expect a good digital tuner to be of comparable accuracy, if not more accurate, than an analogue tuner.

However, some digital tuners, especially those built into some amps and digital effect units, are not great because their display is poor and difficult to read, making them imprecise to use.




I tried an analog, a digital, a clip on and a few apps and got the same reading in all


I use a clip on tuner, as well as a software tuner in my PC’s DAW through my AI, and they usually line up fairly well.

Part of me really wants to buy an old, analog metronome, the wooden, sort of pyramidal ones, like an upside-down pendulum. I think it’s just because that’s what we used when I was in choir and orchestra in school. Nostalgia.


Me too! :blush:

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I found a compromise, sort of. From across the room, it kind of looks old-timey.

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