And its still alright (a Nathaniel Rateliff cover)

A cover of what I think is a fantastic song by Nathaniel Rateliff. Thanks for listening.


Well played and sung, Daniel; I enjoyed it.

I took the liberty to drop the video into your post to make it easier to access, updated the title, and moved it into the AVOYP sub-category.

Very tasty! A lot to like here. You brought some passion and soul to the party. Well done!

Very nice Daniel. Well played and great vocals. Very enjoyable! :+1:

Thanks for listening Eddie

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Yep, again a good one. Didn’t know this song, but i do now. Thank you!!

Keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:

A new song to me but very enjoyable. You did a great Danny, nice playing and vocals.

thanks for the list Sgt

So good, Danny.

Very tasty indeed Danny. I loved your strum/pick guitar style. Really good vocal too. Well done.

I thank you for listening

Hey thanks for listening