Anders Learning Log

Hello all.

Wanted to record my progress and for me its a bit easier to continue if I write for others to see and keep myself motivated :slight_smile:

I now have a HB Te-70RW Deluxe and its a decent guitar for now

Later on I wanna get a Ibanez RGA42FM because it will better for the music I wanna play.

Using scarlet solo and the Gojira plugin.

Have a practice routine and for now I keep playing D,A and E chord to make them sound good and switch between the chords aswell. Also doing a Spider exercise.

For song and riff practice I now play seven nation army and come as u are. Kinda easy songs to start with.

Uppdate: Have just now logged 10 hours for 2023 so feels awsome :smiley:


Grade 1:
0 Completed
1 Completed
2 Completed

Theory modules:

Grade1 Module 1: 100 % completed
Grade1 Module 2: 50 %


Hi Anders, that’s a beautiful guitar. If it sounds like it looks, you surely have a lot of fun with it. Keep on practicing and have a good time. Hope to see the next entry into your log soon!


Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: . Gonna practice every morning for about 20-30 min and reading some music theory in the evenings.

I know can draw the circle of fifth from memory :smiley:

Perfect. That’s the best to start with. Great progress. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hi Anders. Good you started your learning log. It has already happened to me that should I have not recorded my progress I could have thought that I’m stuck in the same spot since my last post when is the opposite, progress has been made, one step at the time. There is no recommended frequency to update your log; whatever works for you is fine.

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Uppdate 2/1-2023:

Starting the new year with playing guitar :slight_smile:

The 3 chords (A,E,D) sounds good. The chordchanges are decent, but not good enough.

Spider exercise is up to around 60bpm so a step up there.

The Riff from “come as u are” sounds decent. Not up to speed but close :slight_smile:

Feels good to have a couple of hours of guitar related practice so far.


Thanks for the update Anders, keep up the practice, slow and steady. In good time those chords will be more than good enough.

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A little update. Have been logging 4 hours this year and average around 20min per day. Wanna increase the morning practice with 5-10min and play some songs after work so I can increase the average to 40min per day.

Have been implementing the c chord in the routine so A,C,D,E is the chord I can so far :slight_smile:


Sounds good, Anders, keep doing what you are doing!

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A little uppdate :slight_smile:

15 hours logged so far this year. Have also bought theory grade 3 and the justin guitar app. Great tools for constant improvments :slight_smile:

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