Andrew Davies - new originals added

Number Title Recording link (Youtube etc.)
1 Revolution soundcloud file here
2 Just a little bit more soundcloud file here
3 Down down down soundcloud file here

‘Revolution’ was written in 2008 and recorded back then, but I wasn’t happy with the instrumentation and arrangement, so this is my 2023 mix, and the latest instalment in my journey of home recording and arranging. I also rewrote part of the first line of the verse melody as (I later found out) sounded remarkably like a popular 90s song here in Australia which I had inadvertently channelled when writing.

‘Just a little bit more’ was a song written to the songwriting challenge to use the chord progression I - vi - IV - V. In the end, the song lyrics were written metaphorically about a current day geopolitical situation in Europe. When arranging the bridge, I unwittingly used a picking style for the rhythm guitar that sounds a bit ‘rat-a-tat-tat’ like a firearm.

‘Down down down’ sounds like it was written as life advice (to myself or anyone listening) but is more just a vehicle for the music - which is my default position. Please don’t read too much into them. The arrangement for the bridge came about because I had been studying The Beatles ‘Don’t let me down’, and in particular, the change of feel to the guitar and bass in their bridge: “I’m in love for the first time…”, so I used that style (but with different notes, chords and tempo) for the bridge to this song. All instruments and singing is me, except for the drums and keys.

I’m going to see if I can upload my chord, lyric and tab sheets for these songs, just in case anyone wants to delve deeper.