Andrews Learning Log

Hi everyone I have been on here a good while now and have faced many ups and downs on the journey but still enjoying the journey but need to do a lot more, but here goes my learning log and any feedback or advice always welcome.
I first wanted to learn guitar over 20 years ago and purchased a Red Squire Strat package and signed up for lessons with someone I knew who played in a band. That was my first mistake the guy was great at playing covers but was self taught and wasnt the best teacher I learnt more bad habits which I am trying to fix.

Have been following Justin for a few years and decided to focus on the practice and learning online and watch a few youtube videos too. My tastes are Classic Rock Music and Blues but love to hear Jazz and also love a bit of Rockabilly and just love some of the guitar sounds.
Current Guitars are a Yamaha Electro Acoustic and just bagged a Gretsch G5220 which I love to bits.
Have gone through Beginner Course stage 1 and also practiced a lot of stage 2 as well but my feelings are I should revisit some of it and spend more time. I have the Justinguitar Songbook and the acoustic one as well but I dont have a repertoire of songs but I can play Times like these by the Foo Fighters and One by U2 but would like more.
Areas to work on are to learn more songs but to spend more time on practice but I find my rhythm is probably out and some songs I tend to play slower than the original but sometimes I just enjoy playing a chord progression. Would love to learn more about lead I have learnt scales and can do hammer-ons and slides and flick-offs as well as string bends but I will get there.
Have been thinking about going for some private tuition just to highlight any issues and areas to practice.

Thank you for reading and happy vibes with your own journey



Hi Andrew,
Good to have you back and I wish you the best of luck on your newfound journey and insights…have fun :sunglasses:

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Hey Andrew, thanks for sharing your journey. For me, it’s always been about learning songs. Sometimes to my detriment in getting other skills developed. There’s always another new shiny song to motivate me. Look forwar to hearing more from you.

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Thank you for the replies keeps me motivated and good to know I’m not alone on the journey

Hi Andrew, very good you started your learning log. It is a place for receiving advice and encouragement, but also to reflect about your own guitar journey. Writing your goals may help to find the appropriate balance between learning songs and working in your skills with the exercises Justin proposes. If you haven’t so you can take a look at his lesson.

Thank you for the reply and some great advice and guidance there. Makes a lot of sense and something I was giving some though to last night, learn some songs and revisit some from the other levels and if I can’t play them work out what I need to do to get there.