Android user looking for apps

I’m looking for a decent ear training app. Justin seems to be refusing to give us one, so who do I pay instead?

justin has one

As far as I know, it only works on IOS not on Android…tried to download on an Android device months ago, wasn’t available at that time for Android.

It used to be. I have it on my Android phone and have had it for a few years.

I can’t find it on Google Play now though. I wonder why?



It’s still available:

However, and that’s a guess, it might not be adjusted for newer Android versions.

Franz, you seem to be right. I clicked your link and got the notification now, that my phone isn’t compatible.

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It works fine on my Pixel 7 Pro. There’s not much newer than that.



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Spent my money elsewhere.

Same on my phone, Android 11, and on my tablet, Android 13.

Right, very strange…

I’m on Android 12 on my phone and Android 10 on my tablet.

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It isn’t compatible for my S10 either.

@SgtColon it works on my S10 with android software up to date.

Strange things are afoot at the circle K.

I wonder why that is James? I’ve just had another check and this is what I see.

@SgtColon do you get that notification when you click buy?

That is just when I do the search on the Play store. If I look for it on my phone nothing comes up.

I’ve not clicked on it to try and buy. I might go a live a little dangerously I think and try it.

I’ve just tried and my phone is greyed out when when I click on the buy button.

Never mind, at least I can say I tried.

At least you gave it a shot and your phone didn’t self destruct. When I look at it in the app store at the bottom of the page it has a section for compatibility with your active device. It says works on your device, app version 1.09, requires android version 4.2 and up.

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