Andy’s Learning Log

I’ve been learning guitar for about 5yrs now, and have used JG for nearly all of that. But as you all know life gets in the way and big gaps develop. I’m in my mid 50’s now and have a more structured time scale, hopefully this will bring consistency and help me grow as a player. I have completed grades 1&2 of the beginner’s course, but have decided to hang around there for a bit, going back over grade 2 and learn a bunch of songs before moving on. Strumming foundations :ballot_box_with_check:, Strumming dynamics in progress. Ear training and music theory 1 :ballot_box_with_check:.

My guitars
Sigma DT41 dreadnought
Yamaha FS800 concert body
Stagg cut way

Song Lists

Hoping to use this a my journal going forward and update as I go.


Great stuff, nice looking guitars

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Nice guitars!

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Thanks Amanda.

I think this is a great idea. I would recommend everyone give themselves a break from the modules every now and then. Go back over some of the old lessons and just enjoy learning and playing songs.

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Nice guitars, nice selection of songs to practice. Time for me to put the songbook feature to use. I don’t know how I overlooked it for 8 weeks, but I managed to.

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Hi Andy, your journal can help you to go back and remember what guitar skills you were entertained getting fluent with a few days, weeks, months or even some years ago. That can help to regain motivation whenever the feeling of not being progressing at all settles in. Nice guitars.

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Thank you.