AndyPlays - January 2024 - Before my time - Johnny Cash

Hello everybody,

hope everone had a good start to 2024! After a long time of not posting (i had a hand injury and could not properly play) i am ready to play guitar again - and enjoy it a lot :slight_smile: . As a first easy going intro and push to get up tp speed i was aming to get a version of “Before my time” by Johnny Cash somehow in a presentable manor. It is a very easy pattern picking patter but still nice to get back into rythm and groove.

Here we go:

Before my time - Johnny Cash

Happy to hear what you think - and how you would enhance the picking to make it a little more interesting.




A really charming version of a good song. Your delivery reminded me a little of Tom Paxton, heartfelt and sincere.


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Wow Andreas! That was really nice. Nice mellow tone on youre guitar. And you have the perfect voice for J Cash tunes.
Sounded awsome!

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That was really good Andreas. Nice playing and I loved your vocals. :+1::+1::+1:

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That was a real good rendition, Andreas! :smiley:

I like the gentle fingerstyle a lot, your voice suits perfectly in as well. Further, it was not only performed but also felt. I really enjoyed to listen. :slight_smile:

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Let’s start off with the good! Fairly nice and clear picking of the strings Maybe a lil soft in some, but non the less a job done well. If you want to make it a lil more interesting, try getting a good accent on beats 2 and 4. Really bring it to light

Nice smooth chord changes and from the sounds of things, although it was hard to hear the first 3 strings being played, the chords were played accurately.

And thirdly, you sang it excellently! Way better than I could accomplish! Well done on those aspects!

I was trying to keep count with you rhythm and I believe this is an area that should be worked on. Some spots were ok, others, well, it was close , but I had a hard time keeping rhythm with you. Are you tapping your foot when playing? It didn’t seem like it. This is important. Could be that you were out of “tune” with yourself after the break. It can also be very tricky to keep the rhythm, right chord changes and sing. So that could have set you off as well. But other than that. Sounding good!!

Rock on!

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Thanks Darren. Indeed rythm is the area which i need more practice time and focus. Thanks for the feedback and pointers - will work on a new version and enhance it

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It’s hard to do Johnny Cash but you do it well! I enjoyed the cover…

Agree with @Dman74 that working on rhythm would be a good goal. I find it very hard to play and sing at the same time. But if I practice with a metronome, it usually keeps me honest.

Great job and cheers.


Working on my rhythm during the last days and came up with an enhanced version focusing a lot more in rythm. I realised that I my singing was off rythm so some work on that as well. I added a little solo part at the beginning and end (which is work in progress) as well

(It is a phone recording as being not home this is all I got :frowning: )


Really nice Andreas. It’s not a song I know but I enjoyed listening to you play it. You appear to have a very nice delicate touch with your strumming hand and great tone to your voice. Seems to suit a Johnny Cash song and nicely sung too. Best wishes Alan​:clap::clap::clap:

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Thanks Alan :slight_smile:

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