Andy's beginner learning video log

Hi community!

I checked out a few other beginner learning logs on here and found it helpful in assessing my own progress and some of the things I need to focus on. I’ve also found Justin’s Nitsuj video logs really helpful as well.

From October 2022 - December 2022 I did the first 4 modules of Grade 1. I recorded a full practice session once per module when I was a few practices in and edited some of the footage together here in this video. Apologies for the video and sound quality - I just recorded on Zoom using my webcam and built in mic.

Thanks for the support you all provide! Any comments or tips are welcome!



I like the production value that you put into that intro card, and the editing!

I think this is a good idea, recording a practice session. I like the idea of doing a progress recording; I did one rather early on, but, I don’t know what to record! Just recording a regular practice makes a whole lot of sense.

I was lucky enough to be gifted a one-on-one web lesson with Justin, and that was one of his tips, self-recording, maybe monthly or so. Since we are practicing on our own without a teacher to watch us, we need to watch ourselves.


Oh nice! I feel like I know Justin really well as I’ve spent so much time with him on his recorded videos. :laughing: - the virtual world is pretty crazy sometimes. This platform and community is one of the great things about the internet age.

Thanks I actually created the graphic for the intro card with a free online photoshop called “Photopea” from a simple sketch that I had worked up. I’ve been trying to improve my skills and creativity in other outlets as well. I used Microsoft ClipChamp for the video editing - there is a free version that comes with most of the modern windows programs I think. It’s pretty user friendly. I might try and get some better quality footage in the future… maybe when my playing is better quality :rofl:

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Good job Andy, stick with it. Guitar only gets more fun as you build your skills.

Like Todd mentioned, great production value on the video. That intro bit!


What a fantastic idea. I wished I had done the same when I first started. Just think how wonderful it’s going to be looking back and see how much progress you have made. What a great start you have made.

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Hi Andy, Looking really good and I can hear the difference in your playing easily even after just a couple of months. :guitar:



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Bravo, Andy.

Great idea to make videos to check your own progress. And your consolidated video showed the steady progress from start to finish.

On the video, maybe go over to #gear-tools-talk:hardware-software-recroding and look at Topics about OBS. It is a free to use app and you may find you can get better audio quality with your webcam using OBS rather than recording Zoom meetings.

I know every home and situation is unique. However, if possible I’d suggest an appropriate chair rather than sitting on the edge of the bed. I think it will be better for overall posture, the learning process, and help avoid any playing position bad habits.

I noticed every now and then in the video that you seemed to be resting the left forearm on the left leg. This is a bad habit to form and I suggest pay attention if it is happening and actively look to stop that.

Keep on keeping on and look forward to future updates!


Hello Andy, what a great way to start your learning log :star_struck::clap:.
Isn’t the learning progress within those very first months awesome :smiley:?!
One year ago, we didn’t have a clue how to correctly hold a guitar, and now we are playing songs - and even try to sing along, as well.

Thanks for sharing your video, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your progress :hugs:.

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Thanks David! I will definitely check that out to see if I can get some better quality recordings.

I do actually usually use a chair but where I have my webcam setup being on a chair puts me too close to the camera and you can’t see the guitar so I was perching on the bed. Good call on the forearm on the left leg - I think you are right and I do that sometimes. I will try and be more mindful of that!

I appreciate you taking the time and providing the feedback!

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What a great idea, be really cool if you carry on with the vlog while you work through Justin’s lessons. You can definitely see that you’re on a good learning path. Great video editing too. I especially liked that you left in a clip of dropping the pick into the sound hole. It’s happened to all of us. Multiple times!

Have fun playing g :slightly_smiling_face:

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Andy, that was fantastic. What a great way to track your progress, and you can see the advancement in your playing just in that short clip. Stick with it, the fun is really just beginning!

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Hello again!

From January 2023 - March 2023 I did the last 3 modules of Grade 1 (modules 5-7). So I’m in the consolidation phase of Grade 1 learning some songs by heart. Definitely still struggling with some of the timing and getting the chord changes at the right times and to ring out nicely. D and C chords - getting all those fingers down in the right places is tough!

I do feel much more comfortable with a guitar now though. It doesn’t feel like such a foreign object. I have been able to learn these 8 open chord shapes and can play them all now and move between them. I am attempting to sing and play at the same time which I enjoy albeit super challenging and pretty awkward at times.

Once I can play these handful of songs I’m learning all the way through from memory I feel I’ll be ready to move on. I plan on checking out the ear training, music theory, and Grade 2 JustinGuitar courses. I’m in no particular rush though and continue to enjoy the journey and learning experience. As always any comments or tips are welcome! Thanks!



Nice update Andy, I really like your format of exercise snippets, gives a real insight for others into the process and variety of things that lead to playing actual songs.
Looks like you’re making terrific progress in the first 3 months, keep at it! :+1: :+1:

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Hey Andy.
Impressed by so many things here. First of all your progress and then how you present it via the videos, which are well edited. Excellent job on both and a wonderful approach you have to it.

I think that approach is the key. A crucial point. Not only Justin emphasize on that again and again, but all guitar teachers I have listened to so far, emphasize on exactly that. :+1: :pray:

You are a living proof that Justin’s teachings works. Two and a half month from the dates you started 13th January from what I can see. As a beginner myself, it is such an encouragement to watch your progress.

You have without doubt also entered the highway of the guitar journey. That is so cool :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Hi Andy, very good progress! Keep at it.

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That was a cool watch, Andy! Making great progress and it will be so good having these records to look back on down the track. Also, I think you really have the makings of a great singing voice too, you’ll have the full package in no time! :sunglasses: :+1:

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Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I really appreciate it!