AndyTake2 from Bedfordshire

Left-handed player from Bedfordshire, UK here.
Started with Justin’s stuff about 4 or 5 months back, started with guitar about 6 months back…sort of.
Originally started to learn over 20 years back on acoustic, but that was right-handed.
Way too much scar tissue in my left shoulder meant I couldn’t carry on learning, so dropped it after a year or thereabouts as I had spent more time off than on.

Got a second- hand leftie Les Paul copy and have taken it from there.
Music tastes vary from Coldplay to Whitesnake and classical stuff - as long as it sounds good, it is good (sure I’ve heard that somewhere else :slight_smile: )
Progress is slow due to knackered nerves in right hand and damaged neck - but the guitar actually helps as well.
Using the website, the beginners app, ear trainer and metronome.
Like to create documents to teach myself everything as well - the way I learn is to teach, and that means teaching myself as if I were to hand it to someone else and expect them to learn from it, and create it in idiot language (which I am fluent in :slight_smile: )


Hello Andy and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

:joy: on that last comment. My wife tells me I’m fluent in that as well.

Enjoy the journey.

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Hi Andy and welcome.

Sounds like you have the right mind set to succeed, given the difficulties you mention. Looking forward to how things develop.



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Hi Andy and welcome to the community. Good luck with the journey.

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Hi Andy, welcome to this awesome community. The Learning Log is the place for documenting things and I look forward to it :+1:

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Another Pratchett fan?

We just need the Band With Rocks In and we’re away!


Soul Music is such a great novel, all the more enjoyable when you can pick up all the musical references.

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Yes indeed Andy. Just great books but the TV adaptation’s, PAH!

I think I lasted about 1 minute into the ‘adaptation’ (butchering) of The Watch.
Thankfully they will never be able to do so again.
Some of the others are ok-ish, but only if one takes it as a cheap imitation.

Maurice is going to be in Sky soon - we’ll see how that goes.

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Yep, let’s just get together and jam, then go decorate some hotel rooms :laughing:

Welcome Andy, you surely are a great example of ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’. Kudos to you. With you attitude and application I think you’ll fly. Please do share your recordings with us

Audio/video of you playing

Recording?? I won’t inflict that on you just yet :rofl:
Getting back into it in the last couple of days - left shoulder eased, but it is really a case of 2 steps forward, one step back.
Someone has stolen the D Minor chord from my guitar - can’t seem to find it :grin:
Fingers on the right hand have decided they’re off on holiday by themselves, ‘get on that string, in that fret this instant!’ I tell them.
They don’t answer. They ignore me, or just go wandering on their own. Getting them back in place will take a few days, but as my strumming/timing is also set back a few weeks, they can lounge around for a while, no-one will miss them!

Amazing how quickly the stretch in the fingers goes as well.