Angel, Jack Johnson 2008

Angel is a song composed by Hawaiian Jack Johnson.
This song was released in 2008, as part of his Sleep Through The Static album.

This song is dedicated to all 'Angels" of our world.
We are literally surrounded by beautiful and kind beings, true angels!!!
Peace, love and hope to all!!!


Beautiful Rene! Great playing and you’re vocals were brilliant! Thanks for sharing :clap: :star_struck:
I must admit I am a much bigger fan of Jack Johnson’s surfing than of his music :joy: but I did see him and Ben Harper play when they came through Dunedin together about 15 years ago and really enjoyed that gig.

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Outstanding Rene. You gave it a warm, personal twist and it sounded beautiful.

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Very nicely done :clap:

Beautiful Rene. Another pro level performance!

Beautiful Rene ! Realy love it ! Thanks for sharing. :pray: :grinning: :partying_face: :sunglasses: :champagne: :pray:

Wonderful performance.

First JJ cover I’ve seen and nice job Rene. I’m surprised he doesn’t get covered more, as he’s done some great stuff.

Yeah, Jack Johnson has been on high rotation on my Spotify for years.

Great cover Rene

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A beautiful song, beautifully performed. Thanks!

You are so fortunate to be in a concert with JJ and Ben, I would would to watch 'em play their great music!!!
I have not watched JJ surfed, and I will try getting into some of his surfing!
Thank you for your wonderful comments, love 'em!!!
You are so appreciated, @nzmetal !!!

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Ahhh!!! Brilliant Rene!! :raised_hands:t2:
Sounds like a million dollar! Great sound from the guitar. Superb vocals!!
Love Jack Johnson, but this one has slipped my mind.
Thanks for shearing

Thanks Rene :blush:

If interested, I recommend this short mini-profile ESPN did. Portraits the influence his surfing had on his music and the path that took him from pro-surfer to musician. Hope you enjoy! :smiley:

Fabulous as always, Rene.

So glad I chose to watch this one before diving into the business of the day. That dive now delayed by watching the video about Jack Johnson.

Thanks for sharing @nzmetal I can’t call myself a surfer, but as a high schooler I wanted to be a surfer but just couldn’t quite get the hang of it (do have some wonderful memories nevertheless, let me just say J Bay) Combine surfing and singer-songwriter living in Hawaii, sounds idyllic

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Oh wow, J-Bay! What a dream spot to surf!! That wave has been on my wishlist forever!! Hope to get there one day myself :ocean: :surfing_man: :heart_eyes: :call_me_hand:

This is so beautiful Rene :heart_eyes: When you started singing it gave me goosebumps! You played and sung as much perfectly as an angel probably would! And I think I have nothing more to add…except…thanks for sharing :blush::pray::heart_eyes:

Never heard this one prior. Nice song and you did it very well. Nice guitar tone, vox and production. I liked it as it was mellow and relaxing. Perfect for waking up at 3am for a pit stop and getting ready to turn back in.

All the best to you!

I am delighted with your performance of the song, the vocals and guitar playing were excellent. A beautiful song!
Thank you for sharing this.


Great to hear from you, Jeff.
Your wonderful comments are so loved!
I am headed for Waikiki, and would love to hear Jack Johnson in Hawaii (if lucky)!
Hawaiian guitar music, live music, is one thing I enjoy, and hope to be spending my night in Waikiki listening to live music!!!
Thank you, Jeff!

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