Angeles by Elliott Smith Lesson

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Working through this (albeit slowly!) - always appreciate an Elliott song. Thanks Justin.

Really glad Justin made a video on this song, it was always my favorite from Elliot Smith. This one’s going into the Dreamers list!

I love Elliott Smith and Angeles was always one of my favorites, so thanks a lot for sharing this lesson. After a lot of practice, I think I got the closest to the song I can achieve so far, but it’s still a huge difference to the record.

When listening to the record, the flow of the picking part in the intro and strumming part of main song are exactly the same, which is something I don’t achieve at all… Still a lot of fun to play and sing along.

@JustinGuitar: If you ever plan to do a new Elliott Smith lesson, I’d really love to get a lesson of “Georgia, Georgia” from the New Moon record, which seems to be a song without any lessons in the internet right now (I don’t understand why).

There is a song request feature when you scroll down this page:

Thank you, Justin, for creating this fabulous lesson on this amazing song. Elliott Smith -and Angeles in particular- is THE inspiration for me to finally start learning guitar at age 45. It is just so intricate and beautiful, it sounds like Elliott is playing two guitars at once. Thank you for taking such care in getting it “right” and doing it justice. :smile:

I’d never heard of Elliot Smith before Justin did this lesson.
It’s been quite an inspiration, having watched it when it first dropped and revisited periodically since.
Even though the song was way beyond me to perform at that time I was intrigued by the picking of the introduction - it’s beautiful - and over time managed to get my fingers round it not so completely terribly. But there were always bits I seemed to get awry.
Now eighteen months or so later I’ve spent some quality practice time on it again, taking care to watch the lesson through, pausing and rewinding, taking it slowly and building up, as if it was completely new.
It’s been an ambition to to able to play this for some time now, and it’s gone from dreamer song to developer to pretty much now work in progress.
When I eventually get there, I promise to post it in the AVOYP - and if it’s not bad, I’ll be so proud.