Animal Dub

Hello Justins! (Justinos?)

Tl;dr: Dubwise beat with Am to G riddim guitar plus a small Riff in Am. Huge amounts of echos.

I’ve listened to a lot of songs in this category (Community Recordings) over the time, commented on some that I thought are awesome and kept mostly quiet on those that I thought are really bad. (I tried to comment on these with constructive criticism, but I usually delete my answer before posting it, cause I don’t want to sound so negative.) It’s by far my most favourite category. It’s quite amazing with what songs people come up here. It’s really enjoyable. I always liked music more away from the mainstream. And some of these songs are actual gems!

Which leads me directly to my contribution. :rofl:

Is it a gem? Probably not! It actually might not even fit in here. I’m not sure. I haven’t found any comparable but at the same time I couldn’t find any guidance that would restrict me from posting it. You can delete it if it’s to far off, but…

…it is an original. Everything is made by me. I played the guitar! Though it’s not a pure guitar song and in fact the guitar is very sparse and basically sampled. But I mean what do you expect? I’m a Grade 1 student, that can’t finish the course, cause he hasn’t learned 5 songs yet. (Working on it!)

But now it’s my time to share. Would appreciate some feedback, advice, questions, rants, whatever. I can take it all.

Also: Enjoy!


Hi John,

What might people think now that you haven’t commented on their songs? As a newcomer, i could easy be hurt by this… I prefer to talk about beginning musicians who still have a lot to learn (as I do in most areas)… And if you don’t want to say anything, that’s fine 100%, but don’t say something very negative later on…It is of course a slip of the tong :blush:
Kindly greetings from me


Thanks for your honesty! As you implied, giving and receiving feedback isn’t easy. It’s easy to praise something you really like but how to approach something you couldn’t stand listening to? I understand :wink: We could do a whole different kind of topic about that.

anyway, on your production;

I had a “beach bar on vacation” vibe.
Something I hear while ordering my espresso at the bar in an all inclusive resort.
It sets a chill mood but it does not have the ambition to draw your attention. It’s more of a sounscaping thing (which I think you were after?)
It doesn’t really tell a story but I wouldn’t expect that in this kind of jam.

More than decent production value and good balance.
I could put this in my “summer BBQ” playlist when we have friends over, since it keeps giving me summer (bar) vibes ^^


Great post and I found it interesting. The thing that intrigued me was that the recording was a multi layered production, and that in itself is really cool. My focus has always been on trying to learn how to play guitar, but since I have been more active in visiting the Justin Community site I am finding a wider interest in a wider range of audio and video aspects.

So I find what you have produced is something that I find quite exciting and `I must say, well done for expanding your range of skills.

Good luck with how you develop.

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I enjoyed that John, similar to Lieven it’s got a sunshine holiday beach vibe to it, I’m presuming guitar is most definitely not your first foray into music as that’s some fine production to my ears.

Might be cool to build on this to a lengthier version and incorporate a few different licks and riffs as you progress more with the guitar?

Thanks for sharing and bravo for an original!! :+1: :heartbeat:

Really liked the production and composition - totally different from the stuff I’m used to so very refreshing to hear. Well done!

Wooohooo reactions, love it! :smile:

@roger_holland The thing is, what I think about the quality of other songs is higly subjective. What sounds good to me, might sound bad to others and vice versa. What we like is dependent on factors like upbringing, what music we were exposed to and overall experience.
I’m not a professional musician. I never had training of any kind and I’m not a teacher. So I don’t dare to tell others what to do or judge their art based on my expertise, which is like I said completely subjective. If I think I can genuinely help someone, I’ll do. But I’m not in the position to instruct or educate others.
It’s different when you like something and share these feelings with someone, cause everbody likes to hear nice things.
But noted and thank you for your comment, I hope I didn’t cause any harm with my statement. Also:

What might people think now that you haven’t commented on their songs?

They think nothing, because they don’t know that I have listened to them! :sweat_smile:

@LievenDV Thank you for listening and the comment!

What do I want more? Being on someones playlist?! I don’t care what the reasons are! Haha!

This hurt a little. Because I tried to tell something. Which brings me to this:

That is correct. In Dub music you use the mixing board and effects like an instrument. So that’s why, over the length of the song, you often only hear the bass and the drums (dubbing in this context means to reduce) and the effects shape the sound and make some form of an abstract melodie. But I admit, I could’ve executed it better. It’s more like a demo, that’s why I called it “raw” and you noticed! Fair enough.

This, comming from you, an approved teacher on this site, made my day! Thx again!

@Notter Thank you for listening and the comment!

Wow, this actually blows my mind! Thank you for noticing! I would call myself a hobby producer. I make beats for quite some time now. Never really published anything though, besides some youtube videos years ago that nobody listens to. When I was kid I used to lend my friends cassette recorders so I could mix things onto a tape. That’s where it all started. Later I became a DJ, not very succesful but had a lot of fun, and the worst MC ever, because I couldn’t overcome the stage fright. I picked up the guitar to bring something natural sounding to the quite static world of electronic music but I also grew a liking into the instrument itself and guitar music in general, like rock and blues and others. It also bothered me that I never learned an actual instrument.

This is the plan and the goal. This WOULD be cool! :sunglasses:

Thx again and have a nice day!

@Thatman Huh! That’s interesting. It’s basically the other way around. While I dipped into all sorts of music before picking up the guitar, you now dive into this world because you picked up the guitar. If I understood this incorrectly, please feel free to rectify it.
Thank you for listening and the nice comment!

@twistor59 Thank you for listening and the hearty words! Have a nice day!


Not really my thing but sounded like a well produced groove, Allaxx

@DavidP I was totally aware that it’s not everybodys thing. That’s why I was actually hestitant to post it. I was hovering the “post” button for like an hour and disputed with myself. In the end I came to the conclusion: this is my music, this is what I like! Thank you for listening and the appreciation!

And you made the right decision, Allaxx. You should post your music and I’d hope people would listen and offer feedback without letting personal taste stop them.