Anna Indiana

Fully AI generated, looks, lyrics , music.

Yes its creepy but its also better than most pop/chart music right now.


Rhett has a go at it - ‘Nothing redeemable at all’

But the point here is this is the worst Ai music will be going forward.

That’s pretty impressive for a technology still in its infancy-
I can’t wait till it hits the rebellious teenage years :rofl:

I’ve often wondered, do we need a music industry?

Ticketek are working on this right now…

I don’t know whether to laugh or

Hi all
Just my opinion but…
We have opened Pandora’s box.
Ok this example is pretty crap but this is only the start.
In UK we already have stories in the news about kids creating “images” of others in, shall we say, compromising situations,with A.I.
I know this is a music site and not really for stuff like that.
But what next?
“Pop stars” wanna be’s making “music”?
Is this “The day the music died”?

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I think we are a very long way from an AI artist gaining a following. It takes humans decades to do that even if they are producing great music.

But then the charts are full of garbage tier non music which could easily be replaced by AI…

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Yeah, no. . .

Quite fascinating, thanks for sharing Rob.

Comes along after I watched this Beato video:

As always so many angles that one can approach it from: technical, aesthetic, economic, legal, political, philosophical, ethical, moral.

Interesting in the Beato video is the fact that he liked, thought was ‘good’ the AI generated EDM and Ambient but the rock was terrible. Personally I agreed with his view of the rock but didn’t like the EDM at all, even ‘good’ EDM sounds ‘bad’ to me.

I’ve watched Beato’s reviews of top 10 Spotify, and at least this AI song used a few more chords and attempted to be music played with a few more instruments.

What struck me was how artificial some of the instruments sounded. That surprised me as in the production of my own originals I make use of digital instruments and I think they sound pretty good.

As for the comments on the lyrics, I think the YouTuber doth protest too much.

I also thought the look was curious, sitting in a weird place between an obvious animation and ultra-realism.

It can become easy to develop one’s inner luddite as one observes the radical and rapid advances in technology, technology in general. So much that can make life better but as they say ‘no such thing as a free lunch’ and we may yet to be able to see the price we will pay or are already paying.

Best I stop I think :smile:


Whole thing is deep into the uncanny valley isnt it.

The instruments for some reason sounds terrible, I would have thought that an easy fix.

The music is pretty basic but it still blows away the spotify lists sadly…

Lyrics well its doing better than I would and most of the chart singles.

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The song had a Disney feel to it for me.

I guess after watching the video, a bit like chart music, a lot of it will be aimed at the teeny bop market and I’m sure the majority of those youngsters do not analyse music or look at the lyrics or their meaning but just want something they can sing along to.

It wasn’t my bag but then I am an old fart.

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Not a lot to add to what’s already been said, except for what I thought was the one good thing about it, “her” voice is better than 80% of the autotuned crap in the charts


agreed, with the exception of The League Unlimited Orchestra instrumental version of “Dare”


Give me blimmin nightmares if I could be bothered to watch that all the way through.

All I can say is interesting. Reminds me why I stopped listening to main stream radio about 4 decades ago. Guess there will always be a market to fill somewhere.

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Exactly what I thought too. It sounded like a song from ‘Frozen’ or a similar movie.

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Interesting thoughts from Brian May on AI and music

I liked their playing at the end, I couldn’t quite think or remember what she played even though I’m certain I have listened to it before.

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