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Please see this newly added page giving tips on using Zoom during live Club session.


Thanks for a great session. I am the one who asked about ZOOM closing GarageBand during the Club event. Is there an expert who may know a workaround? I am an international traveler (Airline Pilot) and so I access these events with my iPad Pro. I also run my guitar through a USB interface (Apogee Jam) into GarageBand when I am on the road. Unfortunately ZOOM seems to have a problem letting other AUDIO apps run while it is running. So I am unable to hear/transmit my guitar while the ZOOM meeting is active. I am looking for any kind of workaround that will allow me to participate (eg, openMic, Blues Club, etc) while I am traveling.

Hello Ron,

These four threads should be of a great help to you:

Enjoy setting all of this up, sometimes it’s a bit of a pain but in the end it’s all worth it!