Announcement: slight changes to some Community Categories and Sub-Categories plus Re-ordering

Hello all.

Depending on how you access and view the Community and its categories and their structure, you may or may not have noticed a few minor tweaks to the organisational aspects in the last few days.

If you view by Category, you will see these appear at the top, under the main banner.

This places all categories that are ‘by the people, for the people, of the people’ at the top of the listings.

Within the Community Hub category, a few sub-categories have newly appeared. These were previously in ‘Social’ which has now been removed as a separate category.

Audio-Video Of You Playing has had a small makeover. The category title has changed from ‘Record Yourself - Progress & Performance’ to the more familiar and well-used one it now has. The sub-category that was previously named Audio-Video Of You Playing has now been given the shortened form AVOYP. This sub-category is for all general uploading and sharing of recordings. The other three sub-categories are hopefully self-explanatory.
A new ‘rules and etiquette’ announcement for this overall category is pending.

Next come two categories that are to do with ‘customer relations’ and feedback on the Community itself, questions on courses and the website, general JustinGuitar products - including books, some apps, downloads etc…

Below these categories come all of the discussion topics for all of the JustinGuitar courses by grade plus all other courses and modules. I won’t screenshot that as there are so many.



You can view the Community in different ways, and you can bookmark the url for whichever is your preferred method.

By Category


This gives access to the views I have used for the screenshots above and gives the option to enter only those categories you are interested in at any particular time.

By Latest


This presents the most recently active topics at the top. Two drop-down menus aso appear allowing you to refine the results by Category or by Tags.

By Top

This arranged the most active topics at the top sorted by time period shown in the drop-down menu.


You can select different time periods here in this view using the drop-down menu.



Thank you Richard. These changes make perfectly good sense and keeps the more commonly used sections more visible.



Thanks Richard for the announcement and for keeping the Community well strutured!


Thanks Richard for putting so much of your time in keeping the forum well structured :hugs:.

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