Another G. Major 13th?

Messing around and came across a really chilled chord.
Fret positions are 3,2,O,O,O,2, giving us G,B,D,G,B,F#.

Wondering what it was, I had a look at a Chord Identifier and the closest it came up with is a G Major 13th, but it barred across the 2nd fret and frets 5th string at 2, giving 3,2,2,2,3,2 (G,B,E,A,D,F#)

It gives this as a G Major 13th, and as the chord I found uses nearly the same notes (with the A) the same notes with a less complex fingering, is it also a GMajor 13th?

The F# is I am assuming the 13th.

…err, hold on, isn’t the 13th an E?

It’s Gmaj7. You’ve got the G-B-D triad plus the 7th note of the G major scale which is F#.

Thank you!
Of course it’s the 7th - I was wondering what was happening. The Chord identifier shows Gmaj7 in several different ways, but not this one.
Am I just weird finding different ways of playing stuff? :yum:

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Not really, you’re just finding inversions. You will find lots of chord inversions if you look into Jazz or Prog metal!

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I knew this of course, just didn’t want to tell you :grinning:


Of course you knew Mrs T, your guitar is better than mine, it must have told you :grin:

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Joe knows everything, you have lots to learn x


This conversation is going to confuse some people family T.
Greetings ,Rogier


Well I get confused, so why not everyone else? :crazy_face:

For anyone thinking they are entering the nut house (you are correct)
I am Mr T
Mrs T is my Mrs T
and Joe is a rather nice Epiphone Les Paul…That belongs to Mrs T. Named after Joe Bonamassa (the Guitar, Not Mrs T, otherwise it would be called Mrs T :crazy_face:)

…Mrs T also wants me to name my guitar as well. She proposed Joanne, after Joanne Shaw Taylor just to keep it simple. :thinking:
I call it ‘that thing with strings’ in the morning, and very imaginatively ‘my guitar’ any other time. It is inferior to Joe, having a few dinged frets and weighing considerably more, but it is also left handed.


And there I was thinking Mrs T was paying @Jozsef who also plays an Epiphone Les Paul a compliment :wink:


Wow, we are really getting meta here :smiley:

To tell you the truth, my guitars still know loads more than me. :shushing_face:


And just to confuse matters, I wrote the guitar string numbers down incorrectly didn’t I?
The order I wrote was 3,2,O,O,O,2. Which is 180 Degrees about face. That will teach me not to think in the morning!

The chord I used actually went String 1 (High E) Fret 2 [F#], then B,G and D open, then String 5 (A) Fret 2 [B] and finally String 6 (Low E) Fret 3 [G]
So I should have written 2,0,0,0,2,3.

Note to self: Write out 100 times that the skinny string is string 1!

Of course Mrs T will be saying ‘I knew that’ and never let me forget it :crazy_face:

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Actually, it was correct before, but it’s usually written without commas:

Gmaj7: 320002

Just to make it super clear, a well-known chord:

D: xx0232

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I think when I sprained my wrist the other day, I must have sprained my brain as well :crazy_face:

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That would imply there is one to sprain :laughing: and yes, I knew that x