Another late starter - Kevin from Melbourne, Australia

Hello Everyone,

Another Aussie here from Melbourne.

Like so many others, I started learning guitar a couple of years ago as a ‘mature’ learner. I had a go when I was younger but with no real success. In 2020, I thought it was time for me to tick an item off my bucket list by learning to play a musical instrument.

I discovered Justin’s website early on and have been progressing through the beginners course. I’ve found his approach very engaging and supportive, full of the hints and tips that I didn’t get when I last tried to learn.

I have both acoustic and electric guitars, although I favour the acoustic as it has a wider neck that can better accommodate my clumsy fingers. I also like the sound of an acoustic.

Even though my playing skills are very modest at the moment, I can see that following Justin’s course will eventually lead to me being a better guitarist.


Welcome @KS2!

You’ll learn to appreciate both guitars for their possibilities and most of all the different inspiration they will give you!

Welcome, Kevin, another of the many mature members coming back to learn and succeed where we may have failed (speaking for myself) in the past. Follow the path and you will likely improve and achieve more than you may imagine (again, can speak for myself).

Hi Kevin and welcome. Great to see another Melbournian join the community

Welcome to the community Kevin, great to hear from another Aussie here. I have two daughters who live in Melbourne. We were there earlier this year and enjoyed it.

Hi Kevin,
Welcome, and I wish you lots of fun and progress…

Welcome Kevin

Great that so many folk are taking their bucket list seriously and this is one great item to tick off. But the secret will be to keep going and for that you have us. Any problems, any doubts, we’re like a dirty martini. Anytime anyplace anywhere, there will be some to help.

Enjoy the ride.



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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.

Hello and welcome to the community Kevin. :slight_smile:

The acoustic does sound great doesn’t it and it’s a, play anywhere instrument.

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Yes, an acoustic is very convenient. Just pick it up and play

Welcome mate,…I just find the opposite, my electric guitar suits my fingers more than my acoustic.
Enjoy JG

Thanks for the welcome Rich. I guess it can depend upon the shape of the particular guitar neck.

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Hello Kevin, welcome to the community. You’ve come to a great place and, in Justin’s beginner course, have a structure and a set of lessons par excellence.