Another NGD - PRS A50E

I was set to buy a Taylor 214CE , but then I played this. I love it! Did a blind sound test with Taylor and couldn’t tell the difference. I’m so happy with this guitar! How do others feel about PRS vs Taylor or Martin?


Happy New Guitar Day Pam… Looks very nice!!

That looks sweet Pam, never considered PRS acoustics. Very very nice.
Happy NGD.

Happy new guitar day :partying_face: what a looker! Hope to hear it in a vid or recording soon.

I must have played over 50 different guitars across many brands and prices over the last 6 months of searching. So many builders are making fine guitars now and the gap of quality between a guitar costing £600 to £3500+ is becoming a lot smaller. I think getting out there and playing and finding ‘the one’ is key, which it seems you have :slightly_smiling_face:

I always found the versus debate strange, imo there’s no real ‘this is better than that’, to me it’s personal preference of what sound you prefer and also nostalgia and sentimentality towards certain songs and artists. As a Neil young fan I’ve always loved the sound he gets out of a Martin D28 in drop D tuning :heart_eyes:

PRS are making some great guitars and you have a Beauty there! Happy playing :v:

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Happy NGD, Pam!
Such a beautiful guitar. As for one make versus another, it all comes down to which guitar speaks to you. Every instrument is a bit different, even within the same model range by the same manufacturer.
Enjoy your guitar!

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I bought the same PRS. I went into GC set on a Martin or Taylor. Then I played the PRS Angelus and fell in love with it! So important to play before buying.


Happy NGD. :slight_smile:

I have electric, not acoustic nor classical guitars.

My PRS was the first guitar I got (with a long-winded caveat). It is the best behaved with respect to tuning and sounds the prettiest. From a brand reputation viewpoint, you have a fine guitar.

For the curious, check my profile for links to my other two.

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Have fun and congratulations!

Happy NGD, looks very nice! Have fun with it, nothing like having one that you’re drawn to!

Happy NGD :guitar:

Never played a PRS, going to have to one day soon , looks great

Happy NGD

@sairfingers has a PRS acoustic

Yes, details of it and the reasons for purchase are here.
NGD - Travel guitar

Happy NGD Pam. That is a lovely looking guitar. I hope it brings you many years of happiness.