Another old Aussie - Dennis from Melbourne

Hi all, I’m Dennis from Melbourne, Australia. First picked up a guitar when I was 14 in the 70s (don’t worry we’ll skip ahead) and have been a perpetual intermediate pretty much ever since. University then work taking too much time for me to ever really improve.

I retired two years ago and the reason I’m here now is Justin’s site was the inspiration for me to make use of my new found time to finally try to improve in a structured manner rather than just banging out the same old stuff over and over.

If only resources like this had existed back when I started, my guitar journey may have been quite different! It’s really fantastic.

I hadn’t been on the site for a while but the ‘how to not suck at singing’ video caught my attention and led me to discover the new community. I followed Justin’s suggestion and posted a link to my (one and only so far) song (First track - Long Journey Home) in the AVOYP topic, largely because that is the culmination of the renaissance of my musical dabbling that started with discovering Justin’s site.

Many, many thanks for everything you do for would be musicians around the world Justin, much appreciated!



Hi Dennis, welcome and have a good time playing guitar and spending time in the community. Very helpful crowd of people, a lot of precious advice from members will help you to progress.

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Welcome Dennis :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah the site is great for following along and there’s a great community on here to share your journey with…

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Hello and welcome to the community Dennis. :slight_smile:

It’s amazing the resources that are out there on the interweb these days.

@jkahn @sclay Are you guys on a recruitment drive down there? :smiley:


Hi @lennier
Good luck in the new chapter of your journey!
And of course, welcome aboard!

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Welcome Dennis form an old Ballarat boy now in Perth.
Great place this community and website.


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Hey Dennis,

Welcome mate from another Aussie.
Just had a listen to your song. Pretty impressive, and a great production.

Join in the fun here. Great community, full of great people.

Cheers, Shane

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@jkahn @sclay Are you guys on a recruitment drive down there?

Hey Stefan,

Its the natural order of things. We’re takin over man!


Thanks Shane that’s very kind, glad you liked it. Seems there’s a few of us Aussies on here, must be Justin’s pedigree at work :slight_smile:


Hi Dennis and welcome to the community from another Melbournian. I think you’re going to love it here.


Hi Dennis

Greetings from Adelaide. Nice to have you here with us.



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Welcome Dennis!

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Secret’s out, our plans to turn the JG community Aussie dominated have been discovered! :rofl:. No idea why the influx of Aussies lately but I’m all for it!

Welcome to the community Dennis.


Hi Dennis,
Welcome and lots of fun and I think that you will soon feel at home among all your fate…uh compatriots :grin:

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Hey Dennis, welcome to the community, I live in Northern NSW and have a couple of daughters who live in Melbourne. Always good to hear another Aussie speaking up

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Welcome to the Community, Dennis, doesn’t matter what brought you here. You are among friends (fellow Australians and citizens from many other countries) and sure you’ll find much more to help you live your musical dreams here.

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Welcome Dennis! Not an Ozzie but a kiwi, seems we are taking over JG! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Welcome Dennis from another Melbournian

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Hi Dennis, from another Aussie :grin:

IKR! Totally agree! I wish I’d discovered this so much earlier

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