Another old timey public performance

I’ve posted before about the group Fiddle Faddle that I’m privileged to be a member of. Yesterday we had a couple of sets on the Bushman’s stage at the Murwillumbah show. It’s quite a lively show with lots of rides, animals, and all the arts, crafts, baking goods and such you expect in a country show.

We had 2 sets, the first about 30 minutes and the second about 45 minutes long, here’s a short video starring my granddaughter joining in with the fun


Looks and sounds like a fun day Tony! :smiley:

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Hi Tony,

I would have loved to have been there both playing and/or only as a visitor I would also have been more than satisfied :partying_face: :sunglasses:, too bad the video is so terribly short :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Greetings and thanks for the happy vibes :sunglasses:

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That’s great, Tony :star_struck:! I hope, you had a fantastic time :smiley: (your granddaughter obviously had :blush:).

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Thanks @sairfingers @roger_holland @NicoleKKB

It’s always a hoot with that group. Lots of enthusiastic people and some really talented musicians mixed in with the lot of us.


Now that’s a lot of string instruments! Looks like great fun.

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Bravo Tony! This looks like a lot of fun. Looking forward to watching more of Fiddle Faddle.

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I’ve got a longer video from that session, will post it soon

Here’s a much longer video of us performing at the Murwillumbah show

My good friend Leonie is up the front playing her dulcimer. I’ve got a very similar dulcimer and am waiting for a lesson from her on how to play it.


Nice! it’s like Earth, Wind and Fire up there. The woman sat down on the right, what is she playing, Tony, do you know?

Sweet :sunglasses: :smiley:

Take a bold gamble… :smiley:



Yes, that’s my friend Leonie, she’s playing a dulcimer.

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Thanks Tony.

@roger_holland I’d have never got that Rogier. :smiley: I must read the post more before just clicking play.


That really great stuff, Tony! :smiley:

Sounds amazing and looks like a lot of fun. Bet the folks listening to you were having a good time. :slight_smile:

Dulcimers are interesting territory to discover - lots of fun with it! Some day I also want to give it a try.

Cheers - Lisa

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The Murwillumbah show is a country show and was quite busy / buzzy. Lots of familys, kids and couples. There were times we had quite a crowd in front of us, our bass player laughed with us at rehearsal as he got recognized on the street several days later. Fame!!!

Yeah, the dulcimer should be straight forward. Open D tuning. I’m too lazy to learn it on my own, so leaning on my friend :smiley:

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Nice. Love hearing old timey music. :slight_smile:

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