Another one bites the dust

Back in Dublin for a wedding last week.
Headache and cough since.
Tested positive this morning.
Life’s too short for folks to send ‘get well soon’ wishes. Play your guitars instead :wink:
I’m just using this as an excuse to share an old hit I released a couple of years ago :laughing:


Oh bu99er that’s serious bad luck mate; hope it’s a mild dose! Amber nectar helps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope you’re feeling better soon* @brianlarsen

*I was just taking a five minute break from my fretboard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that short, Brian. Wish you well soon…

Look who needs a pat on the head… good luck and :kissing_heart: :tea: :cup_with_straw: :cherries: :pineapple: :tomato: :grapes:

ah damn get well soon @brianlarsen

Sorry to hear that Brian. Wish you a speedy recovery.

Oh no.
Best wishes for a mild and short lived dose.

hope you feel better soon

Bah, rubbish for you Brian, take it easy…
And if you can, play your guitar as well :wink:

A good excuse to post a Larsen classic I hadn’t heard :smiley:

I hope you get it easy, COVID seems to hit some very mildly and others have a real tough time. GWS.

Sending you good vibes while I play my guitar

Get well soon! Had a false positive test yesterday evening in a testing center myself. First got a positve result per mail, then a negative in the app. Ended up sleeping in the musicroom (close to the guitars :heart_eyes:) for isolation => safety first. Today out for a second testing, thanks god: negative. Hope you’re able to do the things you like and your symptoms won’t get worse!

Oh good to hear it’s mild, that way we know you can keep practicing and you are not looking for any excuses surely :grinning: get well Brian!

Ah, all my Droogs…
How nice to see no one pays an iota of attention to what I say.
Even nicer to see well-wishes from you all.
Looking forward to getting back in the saddle, although hope to be in the Alps for the last 2 weeks in August.
Miss you all (if that’s not inapropriate :roll_eyes:)

Nice that some things never change with time…

Greetings and get well :joy:

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Stuff the recording, how ye doing Mr L? Hope your bouncebackabilty is in full fettle.
Take care and get well soon.


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