Another one for Malz May Madness; Lola by the Kinks, Come up and see Me Anytime and Whiskey in the Jar, Albert Lee and Thin Lizzy plus a little funky Autumn Leaves. AVOYP

Two songs to start the day with in these crazy times


Two cracking covers Mal. I really enjoyed them both but, whiskey just took first place for me. Both very well played and sung.

I see an extensive collection of guitars behind you. Maybe a “share your collection” thread needs starting :wink:

Hi Stefan, thanks, pleased you enjoyed the songs. Just trying to get the levels correct for the next OM.
Yes there are a few guitars, I have around 12 which are all played at different times, depends on how I feel. :smiley: :smiley:

Nicely played an enjoyable interlude to the morning.

Thanks Trevor, pleased you enjoyed them. :smiley:

Messing about with some funky rhythm, Please let me know what you think.


Great covers, thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face: it was a lovely way to spend a few minutes out of my day :v:

Thank you Lee for the kind words.

Three great songs Mal. I particularly liked the way you played them in your own style and didn’t just try to “copy” the originals in terms of style and phrasing etc.
Well done. A super start to what looks like being a wet Bank Holiday Monday up here. :smiley:

Hi Gordon, thanks. Yes, for me a cover is something to interpret in ones own style or how it feels. Not to simply play it as it was first recorded, which most of the time is not done anyway. Pleased it made a good start for you, it is also wet down here, of course. :smiley: :smiley:

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This one has been worked on for ages, and still not quite down, but here it is for any comments you might have. Hope you enjoy the effort


Cool Mal!!
Youre guitar sounds great. What song is that? Heard it before. Dont recall the artist.

Edit: ahh ofcourse… its the Kinks :see_no_evil:

It is indeed the Kinks, great song. At the time of release the lyrics had to be changed from Coca to Cherry due to branding and being played on the BBC. No one seemed to notice what the lyrics were actually speaking of. Pleased you enjoyed the sound of my Alvarez. :smiley:

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Hi Malz,
:sunglasses: :clap:
I’ve said it before today, but where’s that campfire when you need it :grimacing::smile:


Hi Rogier, too sunny here for campfires :smiley:

A great rendition of a classic :clap: loved it, Mal :v:

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Thank you kindly :smiley: :smiley:

:rofl: It’s such a great song and you did a fantastic job with it Mal. Also, the sound was a lot better this time. :+1:

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Hi Stefan, yes, dare I say it may just be sorted now. pleased you enjoyed the song, it is a good one. I have been working on it for ages, always enjoyed it, Ray Davies is such a good writer. Thanks. :smiley:

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