Another recording question, sorry. :)

You know I’ve asked a few questions about recording guitars , Sorry but, I have another.

I know how to record both the Les Paul and my Faith but, what about my Heritage. ?

It’s got a 16" lower bout which is very resonant and carries a lot of sustain.

Basically, would you also use a room Mic to capture some of that.
I wouldn’t mind your thoughts please.


I don’t understand the question.
I assume the Les Paul is elec.
I don’t know the Faith.
I assume the Heritage is the 335 elect.

Take what I say with a grain of salt as I’m no recording pro.
But I record the same way with slight variances for whatever guitar I’m playing.

The electrics I figure I got 2 choices.
Plug the guitar straight into the audio interface. I could also go through the pedal train if I want to add my own pedal effects. Or go dry and add effects from the daw. Both variations still just going straight into the audio interface.
Or, put a mic in front of the amp that I’ve tuned up to be the tones I want via the amp. Mic into the AI.

The acoustic(/electric).
Pretty much the same.
plug the acoustic right into the audio interface and record dry. Add effects via daw if I want.
Plug the acoustic into the pedal train, then the train into the audio interface. If I want to add pedal effects to the acoustic.
Or. Live mic the acoustic. Only way to add effects at that point is via the daw, if I want.

To me, it is what it is. I’m assuming this is the Heritage 335. I use a Casino. Same basic shape as your 335, mines just hollow, yours is semi hollow.
When recording. I assume the recording device of my choice will pick up the sound of the hollow body compared to my solid body whether I’m recording the amp or straight into the audio interface.
fwiw, I generally prefer to mic the amp as the amp colors the tone to a degree vs just the straight up tone of my guitar if I go straight into the AI. I like the tones of my amp.

Sorry, doubt I answered your question so will be interested to see what others that record better than me have to say.

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Probably not. I would record it the same way as the other electrics.

Yes, there is some acoustic sound from a hollow or semi-hollow guitar but, as electric guitars, they are designed to be amplified. When amplified, any acoustic sound will be dwarfed by the amplified sound.

However, one thing about such guitars: they are more likely to pick up additional resonance from the amplified sound, which will feed to the pickups. This may influence the tone you get. In fact, one of the potential problems with hollow and semi-hollow bodied guitars is they tend to suffer more from feedback issues than solid body guitars.

The only way you’ll get this is to play the guitar with the amplifier turned up quite loud. Whether you can do this, or whether you think it’s worth bothering with is up to you. But if you do, the sound will still come via the pickups and amp, and you can record it the same way as you record the other electrics.




Just goes to show you, there’s someing something you don’t account for.

Thank you, both.


Where is your mic placed and how close are you sitting to the amp?

2 pecil mics very close to amp for Les Paul , im 5’ away. The quick test I did the same for the Heritage as I haven’ had the Heritage long so, I’ve not had a chance to do a propper recording of it yet.

Just a reminder: if you are recording the guitar part on it’s own, you can record directly from the Katana to the PC over USB.



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Yep yep, I try not to do that as my AI is on all the time anyway.

That way I don’t have to switch anything on my PC sound settings.