Another Strat

This is another Strat. Again it is a hybrid/Frankenstein. I got my first Strat when I was 15 in 1973 and that had a maple neck. I’ve always wanted another with a maple neck but the Rory Gallagher guitar spec which is the format I crave and have focused on, has a rosewood neck, as per the 1961 Strat which Rory used all his life. Apparently the first Strat in Ireland.

This one here is based on the 1958 Strat spec which is when the 3 colour sunburst was first introduced. Buddy Holly had one (Rory Gallagher also had a 1958 BTW but never used it live). I used a spare '62 reissue body and the neck is from a MIM Classic Player which at the time (over 10 years ago) had a 9.5 inch radius and soft V shape neck.

For a while the body was my main guitar but always sounded a bit dull. I thought the maple neck would brighten it up. I recently put a wammy bar on it. Prior to that the trem had been locked down but is now floating. Some Strats don’t take too well to having the bridge locked down and I guess this is one of them. It has brightened up a bit but is still a bit dull. A good rock guitar but it can get those classis glassy Strat sounds on position 2. And yes it does have a 5 way selector and I’ve wired it up so that the tone control also works on the bridge pickup.


Very very nice Peter. I have a Roadhouse Deluxe but that maple neck goes really well with the TSB body !


What pickups and pots do you have on it?
Perhaps you could try different pots or capacitor values and see what happens?

Cheers but I don’t think I’ve got much to complain about with the pickups: