Another wonderful Beato interview

I do enjoy Rick Beato, despite sometimes finding myself a little irked by his Beatles and Led Zep passion that so often colours his videos. Not wanting to minimise those bands and musicians, but I’d be interested in his commentary on other great bands and artists that I like, for example, Deep Purple and Blackmore.

Anyhow, I saw the title of the interview " Dominic Miller Wrote The Most Famous Riff Of All Time" and immediately felt my buttons being pushed. I thought ‘What???’ … I’ve never heard of the guitarist who wrote the ‘most famous’ riff.

So apart from again reflecting on the ‘click bait game’. Rick Rick Rick … you have 3.7M subscribers, who respect and admire your channel and all you do, so you really don’t need to click bait your video titles. Unless I am wrong and the riff from Sting’s Shape of Your Heart is indeed the ‘most famous riff’.

I’d never heard it not being a lover of Sting’s solo music. I guess I am a bit of a ‘peasant’ in my musical taste, so I love those first Police records and liked them less as they progressed. And not following Sting means I’d never heard of his guitarist.

It turns out Dominic Miller is a really down to earth, humble musician. The playing throughout is delightful, the stories fascinating, and the open stories about the riff and (I assume) Paul David’s lesson video make this an interview worth taking in.


Thanks for sharing David.

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@DavidP Hi David. I haven’t watched the whole video but the first 15 minutes or so is very interesting. In particular Dominic’s views on other people playing, recording and teaching his songs. He is happy for others to do so. A very different viewpoint from ‘you know who’ who has recently caused Justin to remove his lessons on certain Eagles songs.

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Yup, Dominic Miller is an amazing guitarist, he’s not been much heard of because of the things he’s done. He’s not really been a solo artist or one to be in the forefront of what he’s been involved with. None of that matters, his contributions to a lot of high profile artists has been part of their making. Michael Jackson being a typical example.

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Yes, it was the Paul Davids video that he references. I remember watching it. He’s a bit tough on Paul - his video is actually called “Sting’s most copied riff” and he just mentions that the original guitarist tries to avoid a chord when playing it live (which is true). Entertaining story though.

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@DavidP I’ve just watched the rest of that video David. It’s an excellent insight. Great share!

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Great listen. Dominic Miller is an incredible guitarist and modest and funny too.

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Nice share David.

Dominic seems like a real nice and down to earth bloke. It was interesting watching him play and how he swapped and changed his finger anchoring. A mix is obviously the way forward.

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That Rick is a great musician is indisputable.
He is, fundamentally, one of the modern phenomenon - an ‘influencer’.
Those folk use click bait titles.
Those folk actively engage in clickbait video content.
Those folk often include nonsense hyperbole within their videos. For example: how can a top ten list of something they have invented purely for the purpose of their clickbait video have an item ‘coming straight in at number 6’ I ask you?
Those folk endorse one another in a mutual promo world and often appear in each others videos.


I see Mr Davids issued some explanatory comments in relation to his aforementioned video but not actually watched it. Enjoyed this though although a bit marmite re Beato.

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Did Rick read my comments ???

Of course he picked SOTW and I’d have preferred Highway Star, but hey I’ll take it. Love the way he shares isolated moments in the video.

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This video has been on my “To watch” list. I mostly love Rick’s stuff. I’ve learned a lot of music from him.

I’ve also chuckled in bemusement watching his “instructional” videos where he’ll say, "When I want to [play something] I like to just [do this.] Then his fingers fly up and down the fretboard and he ends with a simple, “Like that.”

Sure, Rick. Like that? Maybe one day.

Yes, but he’s only in that position because of that. In many of his videos he explains that he doesn’t like all the click-bait and hyperbole, but it’s the only way for someone like him to be successful on Youtube these days.

He’s not only a great musician, but a good educator too.


I think Justin is far better for beginner and intermediate players.

But people like Rick do this for a living and, just like Justin, that means they need to get paid. Getting paid through Youtube is, mostly, via YT advertising revenue, and YT keeps changing the rules on this. And apps like Tiktok where pretty much everything is click-bait tends to drive things in this direction.

Justin has a large established following from the days before YT changed their discovery algorithms, and he has found alternative revenues streams. This means he doesn’t have to be click-baity on Youtube.

But, if he hadn’t got that early start, and was relying on YT as his only source of income, he would probably have to resort to that sort of click-bait to grow his audience too.




@DavidP finally got around to watching the Deep Purple video(one of my favorite bands). The most wrongly played song in history. Really liked how Rick isolated different parts of the track specially the drum tracks.
They don’t make drummers likes that any more.
Thanks for post it. Made my morning. Never got to see Deep Purple live but I did see Ritchie Blackmore with Rainbow live.

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Loved the interview. (Dominic Miller one)

Sometimes he mentioned a book where he has transcribed songs to solo guitar and how it would help those bar guitarists to play more recognizable songs.
Haven’t found anything like this published by him in that vain, so I guess it’s still in production or I misinterpreted something.

Sounds like something that would be great to have. Having arrangements for a solo guitar made by a musician of this caliber would be awesome.


Are you thinking of the Dominic Millar Songbook he sells on his website?

I don’t think so because, he talked about more recognizable “cover” songs, which I didn’t see in his songbook that is available. It’s also called “best of” so I assume it’s all his works , not arrangements of other songs. Maybe I misheard and he talked about this one.

South Africa is a little off the beaten track and at the time of life when I was going to concerts they were few and far between. But Deep Purple did come in the early 90s and I saw the MkII lineup with Steve Morse in for Blackmore. No doubt the best of the few concerts I’ve seen. Simply superb musicianship from every member and a show that was really just about the music … no fancy light and video show.

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Good share David, has been in my To Watch list since it hit the YT feed. Man this song is etched into my soul. I was hooked when Hush came out in 68. Like @stitch I was pleased that he focused a lot on the drums, as Paice was like a silk thread that pulled those early tracks together, two great line ups 69 to 75, right through my teens.

Much as I love Smoke, Child In Time remains my favourite, so I am reminiscing as In Rock plays in the back ground, maybe some MIJ next ? Never saw them live, though my brother did a few times but was lucky enough to see Rainbow at the Hammersmith Odeon, 3rd row from the front just off centre stage. My ears were still ringing two weeks later. Happy day, happy memories. Skynyrd 77 plane crash anniversary tomorrow as well. :cry: :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: :metal:

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I’m with you, CIT is fantastic. I am also a Highway Star fan and Lazy off Machine Head. And so many other fabulous songs.

I confess, I find that quite surprising.