Any acoustic guitar songs?

So I’m having this issue, where I only have an acoustic guitar, and I currently can’t afford an electric, so do you guys have any acoustic song recommendations. My favorite genre is rock, and I just finished grade 1, so the songs shouldn’t include any other cords than: A, Am, C, D, Dm, E, Em, G.


Here are some Grade 1 songs that have C, D, G and Em chords. You can play them on an acoustic or electric guitar.

Feel free to select different chords using the filter. You’ll need to select all the chords that form the song though, eg. G, Am, Em and D.


i don’t think any of the grade one songs are specifically geared toward electric, so you should be good to go with all grade 1 songs.

If you want to rock out an auditorium (or your living room) then Wish You Were Here by the mighty Floyd is a lovely easy one to strum and sing along to.

It’s pretty much just C, D, Am, G with some added widdly bits for fun for the most of it.

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I think pretty much everything you learn up until module 12 of grade 2 is better suited to accoustic guitar.

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I don’t know if you’re looking to purchase anything, but, Justin actually has an acoustic songbook.

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It’s tough, there are plenty of rock songs that use acoustic guitars, but it’s a little more difficult if you limit yourself to those chords. I’d play from Justin’s recommended list as much as possible at least until the end of Grade 2. Then you can get really picky and only choose rocks songs because the list will really start to open up.

Some awesome rock songs with acoustic parts (all of which are in Justin’s rock songbook and should be doable after grade 2):

  • Every Rose Has it’s thorn - poison
  • If you tolerate this then your children will be next - Manic street preachers
  • There She Goes - The La’s
  • The Ballad of Jayne- L.A. Guns
  • I Remember You - Skid Row

Check this link: Choose songs by selecting chords - GuitarPlayerBox

It will search for songs based on what chords are in them, and will even include songs you can adjust by using a capo.

90% of the Rock Ballads from the 80s would fit your requirements.

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Love the “widdly bits”. :grin:
It’s pretty much just C, D, Am, G with some added widdly bits for fun for the most of it.

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Hey Jonas

I’m only on grade 1/2 and have found most are acoustic, which suits me as I’m an acoustic owner only. In saying that, I’m about a 3 song wonder at best so there’s no doubt many that are more suited to electric. Good luck and enjoy

From the Songs page using the filter tools.

Grade 1 songs only using these genres all at once.

A lot of rock songs are based on blues progressions which for you would be Am, Dm and Em. I did “All Your Love” with those chords so you could rock out to that. I’m pretty sure there’s a lesson on that with chords and lyrics

There is so much you can play!

If you can find chords for it, you’re off!

You can restrict yourself that way, using only A, Am, C, D, Dm, E, Em, G.

You could also go about it in a different approach. Find the songs you luv even if a grade 3 song, see what chords they use, if 1 - 3 other chords than you already know being used in that piece, go learn those chords and start practice a grade 3 song, even you you just entered grade 2. - Some higher grade songs are not really difficult due to other chords, but rather you need certain technical skills to be able to play it and some of those technical skills first come later as you work through the grades.

I just adore the Metallica “Nothing else Matters”. I wanted to learn that from day one I got my guitar. I found the sheets and watched videos, but quickly I realized that I needed to learn certain skills in order to play it. It was easy to just follow along the tabs, but I simply did not have the skills to do what I was supposed to do.

That’s how I ended up here at JustinGuitar. Justin teach all the skills needed and of course the chords also, but the skills and really nailing those skills, is what makes us being able to play higher grade music, rather than the chords itself.

Justin Songbook is really great. There are tons of songs that suit your genre for acoustic guitar all the way from grade 1 to pretty advanced stuff. It does cost a little to subscribe, but you wont be able to buy much groceries for one year of subscription to the Songbook. Highly recommended the Songbook. Well organised and there is everything you need and you are sure it high quality tabs, chords chosen, lyrics etc. - I use on laptop/desktop and it’s really cool to have this feature along the guitar journey.

That’s my experience on this take. :sunglasses: :pray:

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Very good advice, kimlo.

From my personal song-book: Bon Jovi’s Santa Fe (G. D, Em, Am, C D) or Every Word Was a Piece of my heart (D A G Em); Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” (G, D, Am, C), Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine (D C G A), Cranberries Zombie (Em C G D), Seether Broken (Em C D), Nighwish “Nighwish” (Demo) (Am Em C G); Smokie For a few dollars more (G Am C D); Metallica The Unforgiven (Am Em D C G E) [keep in mind, that for some of the songs, I’ve simplified the chord shapes; the original grips are a bit different].

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