Any advice for replacing the tuners on my cheap Squire Bullet Strat?

Heya folks! About to change the strings on my cheap Bullet Strat when my friend told me I should also change the tuners before I change the strings. I think that’s rather good advice, but I wanted to ask the community before I proceeded with a search.

What have been your experiences with new tuners for electric guitars, especially locking tuners?

What tuners do you recommend (specifically anything under 50$ would be nice lol)

Are locking tuners worth it? Do you recommend them?

Best, Ben

Are you having problems keeping your guitar in tune? If not then leave well alone. If you are, I’d save the 50 dollars, add some more to it and trade in your Bullet for a higher spec Strat.
Unless of course you want to use the Bullet as a way to learn about guitar maintenance and take it to bits, change things and learn how a guitar works.


I agree. I don’t want to sound unrespectful but try to get as much mileage out of this guitar as it is and upgrade oyur “main platform’” as a whole later. Save that money now, learn, discover, and develop a taste in guitars. You’ll be glad you’ll be saving on the side for your “next level” when the time comes around and you’ll very well EARN it when it does!

Upgrades with what is really worth it on that guitar will be more expensive that a good all round but next level “platform” where upgrades ARE justified.

I did a locking tuner upgrade to my PRS a few months back. Two reasons, one because it was the only thing on its spec that the stock guitar didn’t have that I ideally wanted and secondly because for some reason the G and B strings never held tune particularly well. I went for Grover vintage tuners which are, I’m afraid over your budget. For that budget I’m not sure if you’d get a real upgrade? This guitar is an absolute lifetime keeper for me so, imo, warranted the upgrade.

I’d also echo Gordon’s query as to the motivation? Not that I’m one to discourage GAS spending of course!!

@sairfingers Only problem is I’ve already sunk 60$ into pickups for it lol :rofl:

Honestly I really don’t want to buy a new guitar yet. Its not like mine’s a sweet ride but it’s enough to make me happy. also @LievenDV I think your right I should probably just change the strings and then wait for my mid-level “steal” guitar for that tuner change

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Harley Benton has some locking tuners in that budget, have you looked at them?

Use a bit of caution… one of the “techie” web sites noted that the Fender Strat tuners (and aftermarket ones from other companies) don’t fit the Squire Bullet even though the website claims they do fit… I can’t remember who gave that advice but since I too have a Squire Bullet, I put it in the “remember this” corner of my brain!

BTW, my Bullet hangs on the wall in my office for fast deployment when I have one of those gotta play moments that coincides with a coffee break!


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Yeap, that’s why it is a good idea to measure the hole diameters and check the relevant drawing of the tuners before buying. :wink: