Any Chord Training Apps...?

I’m a beginner & have just this week introduced the E chord to my repertoire, so I now have the D, A & E chords to keep me busy.

I like the one minute changes practice between two specific chords as it shows progress.

Now that I have a third chord, what I would now love is an app (or a chord practice session added to the Justin Guitar app) that vocally reads out chords in a random sequence - chords that the user can personally select so they can practice changing between specifics ones. It’d be great if the user could also select how many seconds they want between each chord being read out so they can speed up the changes as they improve. Would also be great if it could recognise the chord as being successfully played.

I’ve found an app offering something very similar to this (an app called Chord Trainer) but it only has a few set chord groupings to choose from (luckily one of which is D, A & E chords - so great for us beginners), and it also doesn’t vocally read them, it just visually shows the chord on screen & changes once it recognises the chord being successfully strummed. Great for when you’re a tad more advanced & no longer need to look at the fretboard or strings so often but for now I do need to look at them most of the time so would prefer it to be read out (or have an option for vocal reading on/off).

The alternative at the moment where possible is to use someone in the room with me to randomly speak out the chords! I had my old man do this for me last night when I visited him & found it to be some of the best & most enjoyable practice I’ve had so far.

Does anyone know of any other apps offering this type of practice…?

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Justin has an app like this - one of his old ones. It’s called One Minute Changes. I’ve used it a lot, it’s very useful.

For anyone who might be interested I’ve found pretty much exactly what I’m looking for -

Be sure to select guitar as the instrument, then select the specific chords you want added into the mix, select “yes” to randomise the chord progression, click go, select your desired metronome tempo & beats per measure, click start & start your random chord changing to the beat…

I’m finding this exercise fantastic & do it for about 15-20 minutes every morning & then do my regular technical & song practice later in the day. The only thing it doesn’t do is vocally say the upcoming chord, so you have to keep an eye on the screen but that’s no biggie & assists a little with improvement of changing chords without having to look at your fretting hand anyway.

I’ve since learned Em & Am, so I throw those two into a mix with D, A & E & then this just spits out random chords to my set beat & lets me know what the next upcoming chord is on beat 3.

There is an app but it only works on older devices so I just use the browser on my phone if my laptop isn’t to hand.