Any Digitech Trio+ Band Creator + Looper users out there?

I’m considering it as a looper/band-in-a-box gadget for practice. I’ve looked at the Boss looper stations, too, but this seems to have some features the Boss ones don’t so I’d like to hear any thoughts on it.

Hi William,
There are quite a few who own them. Do you have a specific question or thought about what you want to do with it? To get you started here are some earlier discussions.
Here’s a thread specifically about how folks are using them

Here’s a thread which discusses differences between the Trio+ and some Boss Loopers


Thanks for the quick reply and links. I had done a topic search and didn’t come up with anything, but maybe my search criteria was too narrow. I just wanted to know if folks like the pedal so I’m sure I’ll learn a lot with the links you sent. Thanks again.

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