Any free sources for learning music theory?

I just started playing guitar a few months ago. I like it and I wanna understand what I am doing at a deeper level, that’s why I wanna learn theory. Ik Justin has a theory course, but after a few lessons, its paid. And seeing as I am college student, my parents won’t agree to pay for that. So, do you guys know any free resources on web or books for learning music theory?

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Hey mate,

Just a few things for you to consider;

  1. Justin’s theory course costs about $10AUS every 6 months. Perhaps you can pay that way if it suits better. Justin’s practically giving it away at this price.

  2. There is an ENORMOUS amount of practical theory in the free grades 1 and 2. If done thoroughly, it should keep you busy for some months.

  3. You’d be hard pressed to find a better, more structured, more thorough, and guitar-centred theory course anywhere on the internet. Plus it is highly practical, and will put you on the guitar, consolidating and applying what you learn. It will give you a great foundation.

  4. Justins teaching style is very conducive to learning,. His obvious depth of understanding allows him to convey initially difficult concepts in a clear, concise way.

If you can, financially, cover the small monthly fee, you’re going to get a massive return on your investment as you develop. Highly recommend it, as do many, many others here.

All the best.

Cheers, Shane



Really? I guess some people want everything for free…

So ungrateful

Try the library or don’t they have those on Campus anymore.

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Not all teaching is equal, so free is not a bargain if it isn’t very good. I can’t speak to Justin’s music theory course, I feel I got a pretty decent jump start back in the 80’s when I first started playing (from a folkie teacher first hand). This grounding even stayed with me after a very long pause in my playing.

Some music theory courses can go way into the tall weeds where the real world application is not all that useful. It’s like anything else, you have to shop around and see what suits you. If in doubt, go with Justin and just pay the man.


In your other post you mention you’re looking for a guitar under $300. If you can haggle with the sales person to knock of $10 that will buy you 6 months subscription of the music theory course. There’s also Christmas coming up soon, so if you celebrate that in your culture rather than gift wrapped presents a life time subscription to Justin’s theory course would be a great present.

Justin follows a pay it forward philosophy:

As most of the course is free, most folk are willing to pay a few dollars to contribute to the effort Justin and his team put in, however, that doesn’t mean that everyone is in a position to pay.

In that light, if you are stuck for cash you can contact Justin and I guess he would most likely give you access to the course for free.

I guess folk (forum peers) may get a little grumpy if they thought people were trying to take advantage but I get the impression Justin genuinely believes in everyone being able to access his course and content no matter their ability to pay.

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As the others have pointed out it’s very affordable and is also a really good investment. I paid for this course and it was worth every cent as I learned so much from it, plus there is an increased confidence that comes from understanding what you are playing / doing.

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Check out the Theory and Techniques sections of the lessons. They are free and very good to grasp music theory.