Any of you experimenting with AI for musical use?

I’ve been playing with ChatWPT and Bing AI to see if they might be helpful for my musical endeavours.

Anyone else looking into this? Perhaps we can compare our experiences.

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Tom I had a play with ChatGPT with regard lyrics. I was interested to see what it would do with a song I penned back in 2016. It did some credible things to the lyrics based on the chorus and outline I provided. I also gave it some random challenges, based on other songs I have in mind but only have high level concepts at the moment. Maybe I am easily pleased but I was quite impressed with the outcome. Only down side were the lines were a little to “wordy” in my opinion but certainly a starting point that could be cut down and edited for ease of singing.

Only downside with the free ChatGPT is does not save the “chat”. So you need to cut n shut the output. Sadly the two I dropped into Word did not quite float my boat. But I’ll have another play for sure.

Whether I’ll actually use any lyrics it generated I don’t know but at my age any quick gain is greatly appreciated !


In my early experimenting with ChatGPT, I asked it to write me a hit song. It eloquently told me it couldn’t do that. Sigh. Back to the hard work of actually doing it myself. haha.

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I started with ChatWPT, but am finding Bing more useful now…it seems to be more transparent about its “reasoning”, and provides useful links and follow on questions.

So far, it’s been a Forrest Gump experience - I never know what I’m going to get!

Sometimes I get good results - scary good, actually. Other times it’s maddeningly obtuse.

Tried two test cases - writing an iOS app, and creating a lead sheet.

Lead sheet

My current process to learn a new song is to create a very detailed lead sheet, which I find effective, but incredibly tedious.

My current song has a lead sheet out there, but the chords are just plain wrong.

I was able to tell Bing to get the chords and lyrics from Ultimate guitar.

Then I prompted it to do things like “change all the chords in the verses to E and A”, and it knew what I meant. Better than a search and replace, I think. Will be experimenting with this some more.


(This is pretty jargony- but I know there are some tech folks out there in Justin Land - this is for them)

These things are supposed to be able let regular folks write computer code, and as a retired software guy I wanted to check that out.

So I asked it to write an iOS app that would record and play back from the internal mic. In an environment and language that I knew almost nothing about - Swift Playground.

It wrote some code, which I pasted into Playgrounds. It compiled OK, but didn’t run - at all. But I made an educated guess, and told it to rewrite the program for a different UI library, and it suddenly started working (mostly). That was pretty impressive!

It was also able to do some refactoring - IIRC the prompt was “pull out the audio logic into two separate functions”, which worked perfectly…it even gave the new functions good names.

Still has at least one bug (I think it’s a null reference problem, which is one of the most common bugs around, so definitely lost points there). But there seems to be a lot of potential here…at least for those who already have some programming knowledge.


Ethan Mollick has some good articles on Substack:

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