Any other moms out there learning guitar?

Hello everyone!
34 y/o here, new-ish to justin guitar. Mom of two, and have been practicing in the early morning before they wake up! Wondering if there are any other moms starting their journey or who have been playing for a while to share the experience with!
I’ve got a background in music, played some piano in the past, but I’m first and foremost a vocalist, with a bachelors in performance music.
I took some guitar lessons back in high school but never really stuck to practicing, so here’s hoping it sticks this time!


Hi Bethany,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
Nice basis for learning guitar :sunglasses:

And I’m not a mother, but I have a handy tip from me: Change your name and don’t tell them at home, so you can continue playing the guitar undisturbed when you’re called. :smiley:



Hi Bethany and welcome!

I am also a mom. I’m 42 and have a 13 year old daughter. I picked up the guitar about 2 1/2 years ago and it’s ended up being an experience the whole family has gotten involved with! My husband now plays the drums and my daughter plays the keyboard with us.

I think your background in music will definitely help you! I took piano lessons briefly when I was younger, but I didn’t like it and ended up quitting :laughing: Feel free to reach out if you have questions or need help with anything!


Hello Bethany, here’s another guitar playing mom :smiley:.
I started nearly two years ago, and love it immensly :blush:. My biggest hurdle is finding the time to practice. But I try to play at least some minutes every day. On other days, I manage to play more than an hour.
My kids don’t show any interest in playing the guitar or any other instrument. Although I would really fancy a drummer or bass player :grin:.
I wish you lots of fun along your journey :guitar::star_struck:!

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Hi, Bethany. Welcome to the forum. I have huge admiration for parents who manage to fit in activities like learning guitar. It feels challenging enough for me even without kids.

I hope you continue to make it work and that it brings energy and joy to your life.


Not a mom, but a dad of a 14 yo.

I was hoping that my engaging in learning an instrument would encourage her to keep up with hers…right. Well, guess which one of us is still playing? :roll_eyes:


That is awesome! My kids are too young to learn an instrument other than just banging on them for fun. So cool to hear that yours is getting involved and it has become a family event, you’re living the dream!

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Isnt that the dream, to get your kids in a band with you?? Best of luck with that! Awesome to hear from another mom, i definitely struggle with finding time to practice every day as well, its good to hear that youre still at it a few years later! Gives me hope lol.

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Well at least you got a new hobby out of it. And as a former teenager who didnt stick with it, who knows, maybe you have planted a seed that will grow 20 years from now.

Thanks! In a weird way i feel as though becoming a parent helped to motivate me, i have less free time now obviously, but i also feel like when i have free time i want to do something productive with it.

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Welcome to the community

I’m a mom :smiley:
Well, in the sense that I stopped work to look after my two (then four) kids when they were small, and my wife earns the daily bread.
I’ve never been a fan of defining people by their profession/activity. In fact, I wrote a song about sex equality last year

I only took up the guitar when my youngest wanted to learn (age 12) six years ago, and although we hardly ever play together, it’s been a real positive having the common interest. He sometimes provides bass for friends & family recordings that I do.

You’ve got a great head start with your musical knowledge before you start and I hope you have a blast on your journey.
Parenthood definitely makes you more disciplined on time use and focus :laughing:


That’s awesome that you guys were able to start a new hobby together, even if it’s not a regular thing, it must be awesome to play music with your kids.
I agree, parenthood definitely makes you more disciplined!
For the record though, staying at home with your kids doesn’t make you a mom. :grin:

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Cheers, Bethany :smiley:

the only difference is the Y-chromosome :wink:

Hi Bethany, welcome to the community forum.

All Moms, and Dads, need to at least understand that musical instrument playing is a good path for their kids to learn how to connect. Bad note means run. Sweet note; everyone joins in. Music is not screen play or field play. It’s about developing sensibility. You become a James Bond in any senario. Just minutes or if into it some hour time each day. A bit of practice is worth the agility gained, every time. I say yes to music.

Hi Bethany, welcome. Good you are finding some time for the guitar. A dad here in a different stage of parenthood. My daughter played for a while violin and guitar at the school and some guitar at the church, but enjoys better just singing. We’ve played a couple of Christmas carols in Spanish. Have fun both with motherhood and the guitar.

Hi Bethany! I’m also a mom to 3, so finding time to practice is always a challenge in between kids and work.

I also do EXACTLY what you do - play early in the morning before everyone wakes up (unplugged, of course!).

Nice to hear from other moms (and dads!). :smile: