Any recommended guitar course?

I am mainly learning guitar to learn praise and worship songs. I want to worship God with the guitar.
I had 2 months of guitar instruction back in the past before I stopped due to financial constraints. I learnt the dduudu strum pattern during my guitar instruction class. It is a group instruction class.
I am interested in learning mainly to play praise and worship songs, as well as hymns and gospel songs.

From justinguitar, I learnt the D chord and A chord, though I struggle with them sometimes. I am currently using justinguitar as a resource. I may consider subscibing to either guitartricks or jamplay, though I am not sure which is better. These guitar sites are good, but they mainly teaches secular songs, and rarely, and most often not, have any praise and worship songs which I can learn.
I will really appreciate if someone can point me to a website that focuses on teaching praise and worship guitar, even if it is a dvd.

I prefer online video site with lifetime subscription, so that I don’t have to pay again and again. I know of two websites, worship artistry and worshiponline that focuses on christian praise and worship but they are mainly songs and not techniques or styles or music theory.

I will like to learn guitar music theory, guitar strumming pattern and learn more guitar chords. I also hope to learn to move up and down the guitar fretboard and transpose with capo. As of now, I do not know how to use a capo.

Also, are there any guitar websites beside guitartricks, jamplay, truefire or artistworks that offer video instructions from beginner to advanced? Especially one that is focus on praise and worship? Or teaches songs that worship artistry and worshiponline doesn’t cover?

Thanks for all the recommendations so far, will continue to look at more recommendations. I recently bought a FG830 Yamaha acoustic guitar and wonder if it works with praise and worship songs, or will an electric guitar suits me better? Also, which is better, guitartrick or jamplay or truefire?

Furthermore, I recently inherited a sum of US$1000 and will like to invest them on guitar course. Price is not an issue for me. What are some guitar accesories I should look up for and purchase, besides the capo, that will aid me in learning guitar? My budget after spending on FG830 is US$1000. Any course within that price range and is good will be considered by me. Thanks for reading!



There is absolutely no need to sign up to the courses you refer to above Justin has it all here and the lessons are 99.9% free. Start at the Grade 1 Beginner Course and follow the learning path and you won’t need to go anywhere else to learn to play. So you just do not need a subscription site, you get someone who is possibly the best online teacher out there and you are already here.




If you want to learn to play the guitar Justin’s course is the best on the internet. He doesn’t teach religious songs but once you learn how to play the style of music you play is up to you. Music theory is no different for trash metal or religious songs.

Rule number 1 on the forum is no posting about Politics or religion. If you want to learn how to play the guitar you’ve come to the right place and will find a lot of helpfull people here. But please keep your opinion about God to yourself.


As @TheMadman_tobyjenner said above. Why pay when you can learn to play guitar for free with Justin? Just follow his course and you will be able to play whatever songs you want.


worship songs are usually fairly simple songs. I would suggest using Justin’s site to learn the basics and purchase a chord book of worships songs. Find songs that are at the level you are in Justin’s course and learn those.


I second what others said, Justinguitar course is all you need really. From my point of view as Alexis says all worship songs are mostly consisted of simple chords such as A D E G C and their minor equivalents so if you go through Grades 1 and 2 you should then be able to dig out tabs or chord sheets to any worship songs you want and play them without any apps or further training needed.

I don’t think you will get any training as such focusing on learning you how to play a guitar with worship songs as a main theme. There are fundamentals you need to learn and then you can narrow down your field, that’s like with anything in life. I wish you good luck!


Thanks all!


Take Justin’s course to learn how to play guitar and then search the web for easy worship songs:

Get the basics/concepts down so that you can move on to what you want to play. I have never played three little birds myself, the songs that Justin has provided are just examples (as far as I’m concerned).

EDIT: For three little birds you need the A-D-E chords. A =I, D=IV, E=V
It’s a I-IV-V chord progression. The first song on the link I provided above ( Amazing Love - Hillsong) is a I-IV-V in the key of G. So play A-D-E instead of G-C-D.

Note: I listened to the first 10 bars of the song and it is a I-IV-V ready for you to learn. Afterward you will have unlocked a lot of other songs as well.

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