Any recs for general Luthier tools?

So I have and old guitar that needs some work and even my new guitar could do with the nut height lowering I think (after a ‘setup’ by a luthier sigh), so any recommendations on a kit set of luthier tools?

Gauges for string gaps, measure, files for nut etc, or a list of things if there isnt a worthy do most kit?

Ive seen some things on aliexpress but rather buy something thats useful…

I don’t have one, but after looking at several, this is the one I’m considering getting:

There is only one I would recommend, I’ve had mine since they started making them - buy good stuff, buy once!


ah that looks interesting !

For the nut problem I am thinking

And something like this

Stewmac is expensive (and you get what you pay for).

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ooh that looks nice stuff. I’m not looking at a new career though but could be tempted!

I have and like these:

Stewmac string-action-gauge

Fender multi-tool

I bought a bunch of stewmac stuff to do my own setups - radius measurement tools, string height gauge and a straight edge. I figured the confidence I have in their quality-accuracy was worth the expense.

For your nut that was miss-cut, I’d probably buy a preslotted tusq and/or bone nut and a set of files - could be a fun chance to learn how to do that kind of work.

Nah its a good nut just needs a few strings taking down a little :smiley:

Not always. Take for example fret end cutters. “luthier tools” shops charge easily 30+ money units (choose currency).
I bought a knippex cutter at a local DIY store (in the remote Greek countryside no less) for 6 euros and grinded it flush. Perfect fret end cutter even for stainless steel frets (I tried it). Doubles down as a fret pulling tool as well.
And if it breaks… I’ll happily spend another 6 euros…

Another example are the gauges, a feeler gauge at a DIY store costs a few money units (choose currency) but at luthiers supplies they charge an arm and a leg for no reason.

So, it depends really…

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I have all these from Crimson Guitars, bar the neck rest and fret hammer. I’d like the neck rest but it’s a bit pricey.
The other tools are nice, seem good quality and are easy to use. Especially the rubbers :wink:

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