Any thoughts on Martin D-10E Road Series Acoustic/Electric Sitka Spruce top

Any thoughts or experience with this guitar or Martins in general appreciated.
Looking to upgrade and seeing one about a year old with a bag for $650.
Says its been set up professionally but not sure yet what was done to it.
$850 new w/o the soft case.
Tempted, it is Christmas right ?

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Have you had a chance to play one? I have personally not bonded with the Martins I have tried. But they have a large following, especially over at places like the Acoustic Guitar Forum.

Maybe search over there fore some input.

No I have not played one but will check out the acoustic forum. What don’t
you like about the Martins ? Thanks

That is a really good question. It is not specific, which is why I would never disparage them. They have a great history and reputation and most likely make great guitars.

It is just that when I have been trying out guitars with my limited skills seeing what I might like (which I have done a lot of), they just don’t resonate with me. They feel a little clunkier, maybe I have a subconscious bias against non-wood fretboards or big name production guitars. Don’t know. I didn’t jive with Taylors or Gibson either.

I have connected best with Larrivee, which I own now, Guild (which I looove and want) and Yamaha (but then there is that big production guitar thing…).

I think it is personal and may change with experience. That is why it is good to get your hands on a lot of different guitars if at all possible. Then you can buy a guitar that moves you, rather than just a nice guitar.

Sorry for the long answer, my next patient hasn’t shown up and I have time to wander…

Welcome, woodroe!

I like Martins. The tend to be well made and nice playing guitars, in my experience. However, due to their brand name and history they’re often pricier than some other options. Buying a used one can be a very good way to offset that, though.

The “road series” Martins are usually some of the more affordable “pro” instruments in their line. I think they pretty much always have solid tops, etc., but may have composite materials for necks and fingerboards and bridges. I think it varies by model. Those composite materials aren’t necessarily a bad thing: they tend to be more stable than solid woods, which is an advantage when you’re playing out and about in different places with changing temperature, humidity, etc. I suppose that goes along with the “road series” idea.

I have two Martins: an OM-35e, which is my main acoustic, and a “road series” DRS1. Both of them are quality instruments.

Thanks for the welcome aboard JWC .
Great input so far…
The seller got back to me about the luthier setup.
Thought it was odd that a new guitar needed setup especially with
the Martin brand but this is what he said.

"I felt the setup was rushed by the factory. I felt the action was high and the Luther agreed and pointed out that the intonation needed tweeking on the b and high e. Which he did. That was all. "

So now I’m not sure what to expect and the seller is a couple hrs drive away
so will have to think on it.

All quality guitars come with a factory set up. That doesn’t mean
they are set up for the person buying it.
Martin guitar come with a set up for playing Bluegrass. Which is
to high for the average player. But perfect for aggressive flat picking.

So if you are an aggressive strummer or flat picker you may need
to have it set up for your style of playing because the previous owner had it set up for a less aggerssive style.
If you’re like most people it should be fine.

For my personal style Martin isn’t for me but I have a lot of friend
who love their Martin guitars.
My advice is play before yiu buy.

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Pretty nice he had it set up before selling. You could ask to speak with the Luthier if you are concerned.

But if there are doubts, don’t go there. Doubts lead to not loving your guitar.

After research and input here which was much appreciated have decided
to pass on the “road series” Martin.
Don’t really need a guitar designed for the road as I only play at home in a stable
environment, so far.
Interesting though how this guitar is made with some composite materials like the Richlite fingerboard . Its basically layers of paper glued together and makes it extremely stable .
Being a long time woodworker I’m inclined to stick with the natural wood construction.

Sounds like the ideal place to play at Christmas. :smiley:



I have a D-10 road series. Had it for 7 months now. It came with a bit high action on it. So i had a luthier that adjusted it a bit lower.
I also have D-15 streetmaster, but i actually prefer the D10, i love it actually. Something about that neck, i think its just a bit wider than a standard Martin, not sure… it plays so smooth… highly reccomended.

Just posted a video were i use it. Loosing my religion.