Any workbooks for new course like the classic beginner course book?

Hey all,

Loving all the videos and website

This has probably been asked a million times but I cant seem to find anyone else that has gone to this extent.

Currently I am trying to make my own print out course book using the Learn More tab below each video as I progress through, Ive purchased the beginner course book from the classic course and I love how it references all the videos and such but Id rather follow the new course due to the app how its more streamlined with better quality videos aswell

I was wondering if anyone has created their own one for the beginners course for g1,2,3 OR if the team at justin guitar are working on creating one to match the new and updated course.


Hi Chad @htswanson, Welcome to the community!
I’m haven’t heard any chatter about plans for new beginner books to match the new course, but maybe someone else has different information.

If you’re inclined, you can say a few words about your guitar journey on the Introduce Yourself page!

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I’ll tag @Richard_close2u for you, he’ll probably know if anything exists or at least have a good idea or two. Welcome, and head on over to the intro page, if you’re so inclined.

Hello Chad and welcome to the Community.

The old course books did align with the old ‘classic’ beginner course.

It is several years now since Justin revamped everything and moved to a new website with new community platform etc.
The new course does not have hard-copy books. It is all online on the website (or the App).
The content of the books is still good and valid if you like having a physical product however.
You may also notice in many of the song books references to Stages 1-10. These are also legacy names from the old course. But the books are still very good and useful.


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Thanks everyone,

Yeah I hadnt found anything that matches the new modules, currently making my own so once I’m through beginner course Ill make a link and anyone else coming through can access it for themselves.


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