Anybody still using a Mustang Floor?

As with most of my guitar related electronics, I am late to the party. The result of being way too cheap, I guess.

Anyway, I recently bought a Mustang Floor pedal/footswitch/DSP. I think its basically the same as one of the early version of the Mustang amp but without a power amp. I am enjoying the unit and it does more than I have time to explore. However found that Fender not only ended support for it, they did what they could to erase it from ever existing on their forums and website. It appears that their forums is where many of the user created patches were traded.

Anybody know of a place where these are discussed and patches may be shared? I was able to find a collection or two here and there but many of them are not compatible with the floor unit.

Most recently, I have been trying to find a combination of effects that lead to a tone found in main guitar of “2000 Pound Bee” by the ventures.

Hi Kevin,

Have you tried looking here?

Does the mustang floor use the old fender fuse software?

If so then you can download a large archive of patches here. They work with the old Fender mustang amp. Maybe they will work with the mustang floor. There are thousands of patches in the file.

I just listened to 2000 pound bee. They are using some sort of vintage fuzz pedal. So try picking a clean amp (e.g. fender 65 twin reverb )and throwing one of the fuzz pedals on it. Play with pedal settings. That should get you close enough.

I’m in the same boat as you with my Fender Mustang 1 V2.

It does use Fuse and that is one of the collections I was able to find. Most are compatible with my unit but apparently some of the amps have more pedals built-in or other issues that make some of these not load.

I thought all that generation used the same effects core, so the patches were all interchangeable?

The main resource I remember, was InTheBlues on YouTube who was a big advocate of the V2 Mustangs. I’d have a search for his old videos, as they contained some good advise.
I still have my Mustang 3 V2 in the attic, but it’s not been used for a long time.

Moray I have a link somewhere to the ITB Fuse archive downloads. They pretty much rebuilt the Fuse library after Fender took it out of support. They got users to send Mustang FX and collected the 9k presets that used to be available. May take a while to track down in my bookmarks but I did snaffle them all up and have them on the PC. Only down side is they cannot be ranked. I used to go for the Presets with the highest number of downloads on Fuse if looking for a band or artist setting.

I’ll see what I find.


Ah I just saw Matt had provided a link earlier in the thread !

You’ve just made me realise that that link is for ITB. I’d forgotten that’s his website!

I guess the floor unit has the same software driving it as the V1 amps. At least one other one reported that the specified amp was not available and it tried to sub another amp. But, in that case, the amp was actually emptied.

I am happy with this unit even if I never find another patch for it. If the amp models weren’t enough, the expression pedal has been a lot of fun to play around with.

But I would love to find a user-driven and still active collection of info and patches.

I did just have a quick search to try and establish what core version the Floor uses, but have so far drawn a blank.
Only thing I’ve found is that the Floor was launched in 2012.
Mustang I and II were in 2010.
Then V.2s seem to have been released in 2013, so the floor falls in between, and I’d guess it must be using the V1 core.

However searching did turn up the Remuda app - Remuda - USB Guitar Amplifier - Apps on Google Play
which appears to do the same thing as Fuse but on an Android phone/tablet, and just needs a USB-OTG adapter to connect to the amp.
There is also a free Lite version - Remuda Lite - USB Guitar Ampli – Apps on Google Play