Anyone else?

In the process of learning and being reinvigorated to soak everything in - and I’m a 13 year beginner, mind you - anyone else find a deeper appreciation for the music you listen to now? I mean, really keying in on the guitar parts and wanting to learn how to make that sound? I think I thought this way before I ever picked up a guitar, but after I started learning I basically got intimidated and felt like I could never do that. Now that I’ve made a renewed commitment to learning, I feel like - I could do that, eventually - or, I could play part of that, but I want to figure out the other part? I dunno, just musing with an ale on a Friday night. :slight_smile:


Like riding a bike, you can do it!

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Of course we can do that! I am only a 2 year beginner and every time I feel daunted, which is most of the time, I focus on just enjoying the process. I will get wherever I get whenever I get there.

I know I am making progress, so that helps. But if the process were to become work in the effort to reach some specific goal of skill level or expertise, I don’t think I would enjoy it so much.

Keep it fun. Enjoy conquering the next small challenge. Keep the ball rolling. All that jazz. Ya know?


I’m only a few months in and I find I’m starting to be able to pick out the rhythm guitar from the lead and even the bass parts. I’m even finding I’m enjoying music I never really liked before. Last night, in fact, my husband was streaming a Velvet Underground concert on TV and I found myself enjoying it. my husband was surprised I liked it better than just not hating it. :smile:

Since I am so new to this, I do find myself just wishing I could play as well as that guy, or that gal…


It’s funny, I never was a Metallica fan, but after working through the enter sandman lesson, I started keying in on them. I was always a fan of Nirvana, but after playing some of it I listen more intently and am trying to understand exactly what they’re doing and finding myself picturing power chords. So cool.